2007-10 (OCT)

IMGP5387  Since I returned to our home from the long trip, I have had a new interest in making good dinners. It helps that our herbs are really growing well. Every day I want to make a dinner that features one of the herbs. This time it was dill that inspired me. So this is salmon with a macadamia nut, garlic and dill marinade. Served over arugula from our garden with a papaya seed dressing. It was really good :) IMGP5397  Sammy is counting money from his treasure chest. Our friend Neil is stationed in Afghanistan right now and sent Sam the most amazing treasure chest (every pirate needs one!) with a bag full of coins in it! IMGP5399  That's the treasure chest in the back left of the picture. I took a movie for Neil to say thank you. It was so nice of him to do that. He also sent me some beautiful scarves. We'll be happy when he returns home! IMGP5403  Here's Sam in the playroom of "Learn with Me" at the Armed Services YMCA. They have good programs three days a week. We went the first week and promptly caught a cold from one of the kids, so we were out for a week. We didn't get sick the entire time we traveled all over the East Coast. It wasn't until we got home that we caught something. That happens frequently. The bugs don't die! They thrive in paradise ;)
IMGP5406  Pizza at the tide pools with Sammy's friend Anneliese and her family. IMGP5409  Checking out a new trail - the Aiea Loop Trail. You can see Pearl Harbor from here. Amazing smells on the trail from the fragrant white ginger. imgp5412  Here are my boys! imgp5416  Sammy leading the way and chatting up a storm.
ATT01422  We got him some of his very own Legos to play with. He LOVED playing with Legos on our trip, so it was time to give him some. He now has his own collection going. I totally love building with them, too! Here's my dream home, complete with carport and Jeep :) 2007-10-24 10wks4days  Ultrasound at almost 11 weeks. Everything looks great! The little baby even waved a paw at us. Sam enjoyed seeing the heartbeat again. Dave couldn't make it this time but he will be there on Nov. 8 for the last ultrasound before I "graduate" to normal OB care in the clinic. IMGP5418  The tide pools :) It was pretty windy out and there was a high surf advisory. Good weather for the wind surfers! imgp5421  My dear (nutty) friend Dana and her doggie, Schnuky. We were testing out our Halloween costumes. You will NOT believe how crafty Dana is - she is turning me into a kangaroo! Sam and I are dressing her up as a baby flamingo :)
imgp5422  YUM! IMGP5427  Gramma is here! Yeah! Mom arrived on Monday, in time for Halloween. Sammy couldn't wait to "maw" (maul) her. When we got home he took her down on the grass for a good mauling. IMGP5429 IMGP5434  Gramma is too much fun! Sammy enjoyed putting some "ear drops" courtesy of his spitting fishie into Gramma's ear. Of course, this went on for some time - I don't know how mom could stand it! I gave her some swimmer's ear drops afterwards so she hopefully won't get an infection from all the bathwater in her ear. She was SOAKED!
IMGP5438  Look at that mischievous face! Mom is such a good sport. Now I know how Doug and I got away with so many antics. We were able to enjoy tormenting her (in a loving way!) through our teenage years. imgp5439  Sammy spelled his name all on his own! Look at his happy face as he describes what he made. imgp5440  Pointing out the S to mommy. 2007-10-31HawaiianHallowe'en (2)  First trick or treating party! Sammy is wearing a pirate outfit he got from Tito Pig. I guess this is the first of many - I've started a costume wardrobe for Sammy and me :)
2007-10-31HawaiianHallowe'en (23)  My friend Leo and her two kids, Bridget and Greta. 2007-10-31HawaiianHallowe'en (21)  Sammy and Bridget chomping on some snacks. 2007-10-31HawaiianHallowe'en (26)  Greta was a little monkey. 2007-10-31HawaiianHallowe'en (25)  All the neighborhood kids. Sam was really intrigued by the Frankenstein outfit. He kept a close eye on those boys, not letting them get too close!
2007-10-31HawaiianHallowe'en (24) 2007-10-31HawaiianHallowe'en (27)  Leo's house... 2007-10-31HawaiianHallowe'en (28)  The neighborhood nana in her cape and another fun lady. 2007-10-31HawaiianHallowe'en (14)
2007-10-31HawaiianHallowe'en (18)  My friend Dana in the background in her outfit - supposed to be a baby flamingo, but her costume is rather open to interpretation. She made me a wonderful kangaroo outfit from clothes she found at Goodwill. I even have a tail!!! And ears! 2007-10-31HawaiianHallowe'en (19)  Neighborhood nana :) 2007-11-1 (1)  Sammy enjoys using his "magic wand" to help mommy! 2007-11-1 (3)  Ohhh! More fun!
2007-11-1 (4)  But he soon decided it felt more like work than fun :) 2007-10-31HawaiianHallowe'en (17)  See my tail back there? And my ears? 2007-10-31HawaiianHallowe'en  At the door saying "trick or treat" and putting treats in the bag. Sammy really enjoyed collecting his "loot" :) As we drove home we noticed that the streets around our house are VERY active for trick or treating - both adults and kids. So next year we'll have to host a bonfire and trick or treating here. The carports were totally done-up in Halloween scenes on one street. They really got into it. Fun times :)