2007-12 (DEC)

P1010007  "Em and ems have chocwit inside dem!" IMGP5708  Before... IMGP5781  Sammy has an improvised tool belt on to participate in all the kitchen remodeling fun :) Here we are putting together an undermount sink! IMGP5784  Styrofoam works great as "plywood"! He can actually screw things in like a big boy. He wants a "saws-all" for Christmas. You can do a lot with one of those!
imgp5788  Dave and our neighbor/plumber Mark who came over on short notice to get our sink up and running, and our fridge, and dishwasher :) imgp5789  See the plumbing? imgp5790  Here he is on his helicopter. Neil - we put an "up" and "down" button on it for him :) imgp5792  "Now I'm taking off!" (pushing the "up" button).
imgp5793  Steering to the Big Island... IMGP5797  Mom and Pete making eggs for breakfast - first breakfast in the new kitchen! It's maybe 80% done here. All appliances and water-fed things are functional. Still doing some trimwork and brick needs to go on the walls. 2007-12-11ChatWithDado  Here is Sammy making a call to "Dado." ATT00008  A snowman at the library story time :) We ate it shortly thereafter!
18 weeks  Sammy's little brother! 2007-12-14SantaWithAlliSam  Santa came to visit Learn with Me on base! IMGP5799  On our way to the beach for an office party that Dave coordinated for his gang. imgp5800  It was WINDY - it's the windward side, after all.
IMGP5804  Sleeping in his tent while the other kids blow whistles and the wind howls. Not sure how he does it! I guess sleeping through nail guns for two weeks is good conditioning. Actually - he's been napping quite frequently at Mom and Pete's :) They enjoy their nap buddy very much! IMGP5805  Daddy peeking in on his little buddy. Dave was afraid the tent would "huli" the wind was so strong. You should have seen him trying to take it down :) I think it was actually harder than putting it up was for me! IMGP5807  Getting our Christmas tree! imgp5808  Putting it up on Daddy's "zippy" car - my car, actually. I miss it!
ATT00235  I need mittens! 2007-12-18CarolingHawaiiStyle (7)  Everyone brought cookies and enjoyed some holiday cheer before heading out. There were 75 adults and almost as many kids! 2007-12-18CarolingHawaiiStyle (10)  Here we go to the next house! 2007-12-18CarolingHawaiiStyle (8)  Christmas caroling at a friend's house - Sammy has a stocking hat and we're the only ones with a headlamp :) He loves wearing it!
2007-12-18CarolingHawaiiStyle (2)  Checking out the spread :) 2007-12-18CarolingHawaiiStyle (3) 2007-12-18CarolingHawaiiStyle (4)  Such a cute little buddy. He tried every cookie I think - at least we shared! 2007-12-18CarolingHawaiiStyle (5)  In the middle is a friend of a friend - Vicki. She lived on the east coast for a bit so we enjoyed talking about how we miss snow.
2007-12-18CarolingHawaiiStyle  Sammy tried his first egg nog here, too. He loved it, of course! IMG00763  Puppet time at the library. Sammy was a little hesitant to get up there but Gramma got him going :) I was home with the kitchen remodeling...sorry I missed it! IMG00766  Here he is - I think Gramma said he's fifth angel :) There were 12 kids for the 12 days of Christmas. IMG00767
PC190005  Giving Santa puppet a hug. PC190006 IMGP5815  Sam is using "grout" and "mortar" to put Lincoln Logs together. Can you guess what we're doing in the kitchen? imgp5820  Christmas cookies from my friend Dana - she dropped off a fresh batch almost every night last week! So sweet :) See daddy's big fat fingers getting in there and Sam watching carefully?
imgp5821  Now he's monitoring me, too! IMGP5826  Holiday haircuts with Gramma! This time he went for the whole shebang - wash and cut! IMGP5828 IMGP5831
imgp5833  He enjoyed making faces at himself in the mirror. imgp5836 imgp5837  Adding some product :) imgp5839  More faces...
IMGP5840  Dave doing some wall patching. We're going to put up some glass tile here. Recycled glass...very cool...wondering if we're going to do it ourselves...it's the last step in the remodel. IMGP5842  Joe working on the brick facing. He is third-generation mason and former Marine. He did a really nice job. 2007-12-22KailuaBeach (2)  The beach...which I've only been to like twice in the last month. I've been house-bound almost every day as people work on the kitchen. PC190010BLOG  Tackling Pete!
2007-12-22KailuaBeachSandCastles  Mom went for a walk on the beach and found some great sand castles. 2007-12-22KailuaBeachSandCastles (2) PC240036  Christmas Eve traditions continue to evolve as Sam grows and understands - here we're making sugar cookies with Gramma :) We had a little sugar in a bowl and mom asked Sam if it was sugar or salt. Would he like to test it? He did, and said it was salt! Then he decided no, I need to test it again. It is sweet. It is sugar! pc240037
PC240038  Helping mix! PC240041  Yum! PC240047  I think Daddy likes the tradition, too! IMGP5843  Reading with Gramma. He puts her in position and climbs up. I like the legs poking out.
IMGP5847  Telling a funny story about how a "flea came DOWN the curtains and INTO my bed and then FLEW up to the lights and the flea was HOT." (Emphasis provided by me so you can "hear" his intonation.) I don't know where this story came from! PC240048  The fun part begins! PC240049  Daddy is helping make a star. PC240050
IMGP5850  Decorating! He really got into this... IMGP5852 PC240051 PC240052  Baking in the new oven!
PC240054  Baby Ben watching, too ;) IMGP5854  Thumping it vigorously like a drum! He was even wiggling and dancing. imgp5855  Dave in the new kitchen making Christmas Eve pasta dinner. Should I include a picture of the kitchen as it was before??? I think so... IMGP5861  Dave with no glasses! The PRK surgery went well two weeks ago and his vision is now 20/20 or so and no complications. We are blessed. What a great benefit for the active duty folks.
imgp5864  And after. Whew! We love it! We can't believe how we tolerated the old kitchen for so long. The wall came down to open up to the living area. Fridge was moved to the other side and close to the dining table. Stove was put in where the fridge was, and waist-high in a wall oven cabinet. It feels a lot wider in there with those simple changes. It is much more open and functional. Oh - the dishwasher is now to the right side of the sink instead of the far left and trash is concealed in a cabinet. More photos to come after we install glass tile backsplash to right of cooktop and over sink area... IMGP5865  Relaxing before dinner. imgp5866  Our tree and stockings by the window. That's how Santa gets in here...where there are no chimneys :) IMGP5868  Dinner is served :)
imgp5869  Looks like the reindeer enjoyed their snack! (This was SO funny to listen to from inside - Dave went out on the deck and literally sounded like a reindeer munching, splurting and spluttering, shredding and tearing. As usual, Dave is very authentic and 110% into whatever he does. I haven't laughed that hard in a while - wait - not since Angel was over last night :) !) IMGP5870  And so did Santa :) More authentic munching sounds! imgp5874  Using the cookie shooter to make more special cookies for tomorrow's festivities. imgp5878  I think he likes this so much because it's like gear. You screw parts on and off to make the different shapes.
IMGP5880  The living room on Christmas Eve :) 2007-12-25ChristmasHawaii (4)  Getting Nana and PopPop connected via webcam... 2007-12-25ChristmasHawaii (6)  There they are! 2007-12-25ChristmasHawaii (7)  And here we come all ready for festivities...
2007-12-25ChristmasHawaii (8)  Good morning Nana and PopPop! 2007-12-25ChristmasHawaii (9) IMGP5891  Christmas morning! Good morning Nana and PopPop! They joined us by webcam and got to see Sammy walk down the hall to the living room where all the treats were, then went out to see the celery chomped by the reindeer. IMGP5895  Chutes and Ladders from Aunt Debby and Uncle Brett.
IMGP5896  Clothes from Aunt Kate and Unce John. IMGP5907  A special ornament from Aunt Kate :) IMGP5909  Mom and Pete :) IMGP5916  The drill from Daddy was a big hit! See the tool belt, too?
IMGP5919  Showing the drill to Nana and PopPop! IMGP5920  From Carol - the lady they rent the cottage from. PC250045  Panettone with yogurt...for Christmas breakfast. IMGP5922  More tool time!
IMGP5924 IMGP5930 IMGP5931  All the boys like the tools. The space station from Unce Dan and Aunt Heather needs some repair. PC250023
PC250025 IMGP5934  Mom and Pete are his "workers." Dave is in the kitchen making French toast with panettone bread. IMGP5937 IMGP5940
IMGP5941 PC250037 IMG00785  Caffrey in the Christmas cape : PC250043
PC250050 PC250051 PC250052 PC250054
PC250055 PC250028 PC250029 PC250032
PC250034 PC250035 PC250046 PC250063  Rib roast with yorkshire pudding, creamed spinach and mashed potatoes...so good!!!!!
IMGP5943 IMGP5946  This filled up Dave's stocking nicely :) And made for a tasty lunch snack :) Aloha Josh - your b-b-b-beefstick story lives on :) IMGP5955  More twist ties! Dave and Pete were working simultaneously on two  John Deere tractors from Gramma. He loved them and came all the way back down the hall to thank Pete for one of them. IMGP5957  Popping some wonderful champagne that Pete brought over to celebrate the new kitchen.
IMGP5959  Sammy likes to toast, too - he's got sparkling cider in his glass. IMGP5961  Dave's rib roast!!! IMGP5968  Big fat peasant mommy barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen salivating over the roast which is almost done :) IMGP5971  Smootches! Dave is scared by my beady eyes staring him down!
imgp5972 imgp5973  We are so ready to dig in! Sammy is wearing a nice new outfit - a Christmas present. IMGP5974  Salad, Yorkshire pudding, garlic mashed potatoes with thyme and rosemary from the garden, creamed spinach, and standing rib roast. Dave also made horseradish sauce but we forgot to pull it out of the fridge! IMGP5976  Mom making hard sauce for the plum pudding.
IMGP5982  Dave is wiped out from all the chomping! (He just corrected me - he's wiped from the cooking!) ATT00121  Pedaling standing up! imgp5983  The hibiscus is really making a comeback! IMGP5986
IMGP5988  There's snow on the tracks! IMGP5991 2007-12-29PorkRoast a la Davey  Dave's roast pork stuffed with dried fruits and sweet potatoes with pineapple... imgp6002  Birthday party for one of Sammy's friends - held at the zoo. Nice family outing.
imgp6004  Not so sure about the visor! IMGP6011 IMGP6013  Big smiles for the heffalumps! imgp6044  Daddy helps him get some candy during the pinata frenzy!
IMGP6046  Gear-testing the new trail-a-bike! IMGP6047 IMGP6048 IMGP6049  Off to the marsh trail!
IMGP6051 IMGP6054  Now mommy gets to pull :) IMGP6059 imgp6060
imgp6061  Sammy draws a baby bat :) P1010010  Testing out the new fryer! P1010009  Mom's nice cake for our anniversary :) This is us on 12/31/01.