2007-07 (JULY)

IMGP3074  I'm finally wearing a plumeria without looking like a goofball :) These are Sammy's favorite flower. We pick them up wherever we see them. imgp3079  What is this all about, you might ask? Well - this is the aftermath of a battle royale with a cockroach. I was crouched under the dining room table laughing like crazy as I listened to the viscious battle. The crinkling of the plastic wrap around a dozen paper towel rolls as Dave tried to find the roach. He finally had to take each one out in order to find the sneaky thing. I was hiding because you never know when you might get chased... ATT00071  A new sport here in Hawaii. The dog-trike pull. This is on the path by the marsh down the block from our home. We were out with my friend Dana and her doggie, looking for baby ducks to feed. Caffrey went to take a drink from the marsh (probably not a good idea anyway) and fell in. She almost hauled Dana in as she tried to climb out! (No - Sam was not attached on the trike at the time!) IMGP3080  Our yard is coming together. We did not take many "before" pictures because it was so depressing when we moved in.
IMGP3082  We tore down the old deck and put in a new one when we moved in. Since then we planted the bed in front of it, and planted fruit trees and other tropical foliage along the rear fence to disguise the chain link. They are really doing well. IMGP3084  The teak lounge chairs are new - we love them! We have to sand them and reapply some teak oil to keep the golden color. Although expensive (even used - I found them on craigslist), teak weathers very well here so it was worth the splurge. imgp3087  The arbor was a birthday present from Dave - it's the entryway to a side yard and "secret garden." I think Dave will hang his hammock back there because it's shady in the afternoon. imgp3858  Some more views of the garden. We've been doing a lot of planting and landscaping. It's really looking good now :)
imgp3910  I got a little crafty last week and painted some leftover cinder blocks a light blue to complement the old keg I found in Coronado. I put plants in the cinder blocks. No, nothing is underneath - I thought osmosis would be a good way to help water the plants? We'll see how they do.  A lot of water floats down the walkway from the downspout, so hose-water and I figured they'd get some run-off water. So far so good. IMGP3089  Sammy having a great time at a 4th of July bbq at our friends' home in Kailua. IMGP3091  Like the hat? Sammy sure did! IMGP3096  And so did Dave :)
imgp3097 IMGP3098  The lei greeting ceremony begins! Sam is welcoming Marilou and Dad. IMGP3100 IMGP3101
IMGP3102 IMGP3103  shaka :) IMGP3106  Ahhh...toes in the sand at last, after a long flight. IMGP3108  Dad built blocks for Sammy to play with. He loves them!
IMGP3109 IMGP3120 IMGP3121  A garage for the big yellow Jeep! IMGP3122  Nice reading time with Grammie.
IMGP3125  "Arrival dinner" out at Lucy's. IMGP3127  A visit to the tide pools with Sammy was a lot of fun :) IMGP3132  Sammy put lots of "sand block" on mommy! IMGP3134  That's a lot of sun protection!
IMGP3138  He found some nice girl friends to play with. IMGP3141  Ring around the rosy. IMGP3142  How many guys does it take to get those blocks back in the container? IMGP3143  They worked pretty hard at this. I think it took half an hour!
IMGP3145  At the Hale Koa IMGP3146 imgp3149  Some new shoes for my birthday from Doug and Mary - thank you! Testing out their sea to shore capabilities - I think they're even self-bailing, like our kayaks :) imgp3152  Marilou on the Sheraton Surfrider lanai.
imgp3155  I have no idea what they're looking at but I thought Sammy's stance was funny in comparison. imgp3156  Hitching a ride on Grandpa! IMGP3159 IMGP3160  One of my favorite photos :)
2007-07-05 lei greeting and tide pools  I made collages on most days that Marilou and Dad visited so they could send them back home via email to friends and family. A digital diary turned out to be a helpful way to organize the memories. I even made a DVD of all the pictures! It was done recording literally the minute we had to leave. 2007-07-07 waikiki IMGP3169 IMGP3170
IMGP3174  YUM! Brunch at the O Club on the Marine Corps Base (Kaneohe). These are banana pancakes. IMGP3176  The view that was blown out in the previous shot. IMGP3177  They looked so good that Dad and Marilou decided to try some :) IMGP3184
IMGP3190  Some cute pictures of Daddy and son in their aloha wear. IMGP3192 ATT00199  Out on a run with Mommy! Check out those cute running shoes - we had a great time romping around in the park. ATT00202  My little friend on a hill overlooking Kailua Beach and Flat Island.
imgp3438  Caught in the act scarfing down dessert! 2007-07-11 shark's cove snorkeling 2007-07-09 camping IMGP3546  Marilou enjoying the tide pools with Sam. It was VERY high tide that day!
imgp3556 IMGP3557  This is for you, Uncle Tom! DSC00883  Some pictures taken by a fellow honu guardian volunteer. Can you believe the snuggling? So precious! DSC00890
Family at luau  A luau with Dad and Marilou at the Hale Koa. It was a lot of fun and well worth the visit. Sammy enjoyed dancing during the displays of traditional island dances after dinner. He had a blast! This photo is now framed and hangs in Sammy's room next to the one of him with Nana and Pop Pop at the Dole Plantation train ride. He says goodnight every night and prays for all his grandparents each night at dinner. ("Bess Nana and Pop Pop at Ew York, Bess Grammie and Grandpa in Ew Jersey, Bess Gramma at Washington...") imgp3562 IMGP3566 imgp3569
imgp3572 imgp3574 IMGP3578  Taking the pig out of the imu. imgp3579
IMGP3597  Kalua pig, huli huli chicken, rice, fried bananas... IMGP3598  Coconut cake and haupia, which is coconut milk and sugar made into a gelatinous pudding-like dessert. Odd consistency but very good. IMGP3609  The banyan tree at the Hale Koa lit up at night. 2007-07-12 tide pools and luau
IMGP3611  A visit to the USS Arizona memorial. imgp3617  We opted for a more private way to pay respects, from Ford Island. IMGP3618 imgp3619  Over 2000 lives lost in the attacks. I'm reading a history of the period right now - Pearl Harbor and Hawaii, written by the editors of the Army Times. Very exhaustive account - interesting to reflect on the events, places and people after having lived here for a year.
IMGP3626  Another visit to the tide pools - this is our "aloha Friday" tradition. IMGP3633 IMGP3642 IMGP3644
IMGP3655  I had a procedure done on my leg - suspicious lesions are not taken lightly by this redhead living waaaayyy too close to the equator! So I'm pointing at the fun I am not allowed to have. I tried standing on one leg like a stilt but it was a bit risky. IMGP3662  Marilou is snorkeling. IMGP3666  Dave arrives with yummy pizza and a portable beach bar full of mai tais! imgp3668
IMGP3676  A father and son out fishing. imgp3681  Little guy couldn't be happier - covered with sand, surf and sauce. IMGP3682 2007-07-13 uss arizona and tide pools
imgp3683  The glass-bottom boat never fails to be a hit. We call it his "pirate ship" because he is SO into pirates now. His Tito Pig has pirate stories of his own to share with Sam on the phone and even sent him an outfit to wear. imgp3687 imgp3688 IMGP3690
IMGP3691 imgp3696 IMGP3700  A backyard gear-test dinner! Dave got some camping gear for our next adventure... IMGP3703  Nice stove!!! It folds up really compactly.
IMGP3704  Dad admires the gear while Dana looks on :) IMGP3705  I want that! IMGP3707  Sammy liked the idea of putting ice down Grandpa's back...bad mommy for putting him up to mischief! imgp3710  Talking to Julie before the Lanika 8K (5miles) - she works at the store where I bought my new running shoes. Sam is in LOVE, total LOVE, with Julie. She looks like Barbie - no wonder!
IMGP3711  Off to the starting line! IMGP3712 2007-07-15 Lanikai 8K finish  Sammy and I managed to run well and took second place! The even bigger surprise that we later found out is I was pregnant here. Unfortunately our happiness was short-lived (early miscarriage rates increase with age), but we're continuing to hope. IMGP3732  Loco Moco at Moke's Bread and Breakfast afterwards. This little place does a nice job. I actually called TWO days in advance to secure our reservation because I really wanted some pancakes after the race. A Loco Moco is egg on top of meatloaf on top of rice, all topped with a gravy of some kind. Very rich. Dad tried it :)
IMGP3733  Marilou's waffles a la mode. Yum. 2007-07-14 glass bottom boat and camping op-test IMGP3753  Talking to his little baby cactus in the cactus garden. Sammy helps me with the garden by watering and telling me which plants need "snacks" - some Miracle Grow feeding sticks. He likes to feed the plants :) Note the fence - Dave did a great job later in the week creating a privacy screen in this area. IMGP3755  Sam pumping up his bike tires :)
IMGP3756  Dinner on the deck. IMGP3757 IMGP3759  Dana made these delicious desserts the other day for the backyard gear-test bbq. I told Sam that night he could have "two more bites, because you're 2" and he quickly replied "But I'm THREE!" Nice - he is already a negotiator. I think he got that from you, Tito Pig! 2007-07-15 8k race and deck dinner page000
IMGP3760  A last visit to the beach before Dad and Marilou have to start their long journey home. This is at North Beach on base. IMGP3764 IMGP3783  Teaching Sammy how to body surf! IMGP3799
2007-07-16 north beach page000 IMGP3807  Putting mommy's medal on. We had to get ours by mail because I had no clue we'd run that well. IMGP3810  Sam wear's it well, too, huh? IMGP3824  We're on a little hike in Kaneohe after doing some more bloodwork to monitor the short-lived pregnancy. It was a lot of running around that week - getting tests done and drugs, etc. Although I was only 5 weeks pregnant, I sure felt all the normal symptoms. Then one day they just stopped. It was good to get out in nature during this time of waiting and wondering. The experience helped us realize how much we want another child, so we're hopeful we'll be blessed soon.
IMGP3831  View out to Kaneohe Bay. I really like this bay, as much or more than Kailua Beach. IMGP3839  Great hiking stick! We keep it in the truck now :) IMGP3840  Caff had a good time, too. That same week she had another bout of tapeworms so I had to take her to the vet and get more pills to kill them. I had no idea dogs could get tapeworms from eating one flea with a tape egg in it. I am thinking about buying some beneficial nematodes now to eat any fleas that are in our yard. IMGP3841  Sam is very gentle and really loves his doggie. We talked about maybe being a vet one day. He is very caring for all his "animals" (the stuffed variety). I always wanted to be one and read all the James Herriot books.
view from kokokahi ridge IMGP3892  Riding his mountain bike at the beach park! IMGP3893 IMGP3894
imgp3898  Lookin' tough! imgp3899  We're on a "date" tonight while Dave is in school (Wed nights). I thought this would be fun to do after dinner. We got a little treat at Kalapawai for dessert. Now Becca or Jenni - do not give me grief about biking with the front wheel going backwards :) ha ha! It just happened that way for the picture - I don't think we rode that way for long! BUT, Dave did later find that the tires were essentially flat - oops! No wonder it was hard work for him on the hills! When we next took him over the weekend it was hard to keep up with him ;) imgp3901 imgp3907  Mom had Sammy's first hiking shoes bronzed - they were from Tita Bear and were actually Tommy Hilfiger shoes. Very cool!
imgp3912  Dave built a privacy screen out of bamboo in about an hour. Nice work! I really love it. Nice to not look at that abandoned house. They are now working on cleaning that place up, but this keeps the view into our house more private from the road. IMGP3919  A party for the honu guardians up at the North Shore. Many turtles were swimming around and one passed inches by us in the water. It was amazing! IMGP3921  This female is eating limu on the "limu shelf" - a salad bar for turtles. IMGP3927  Limu.
IMGP3931 IMGP3967  Riding the "Daddy fish" at the tide pools. IMGP3969 IMGP3974  Applying more "sandblock" to mommy :)
IMGP3975 IMGP3976  I'm doing mommy's neck!