2007-08 (AUG)

imgp3984  Dinner with friends before they move back to the mainland. Patti ended Dave's 7 yr SORRY! winning streak! DSC01154  Playing with friends Frank and Dominic at the tide pools. Sammy met these nice kids at the North Shore while the mommies were guarding turtles :) Sam loves to "surf" on their boogie board. It's a real team effort. Wish I could get this kind of help standing up on my board! IMGP3985  There's Frank... IMGP3993  And there's Dominic - they're digging for buried treasure.
IMGP3998  Which they soon found and took back to sea. DSC01161  Sammy getting in on the act "helping." DSC01162 IMGP4007
IMGP4012  We went back to our house for smoothies. Then Frank enjoyed playing Dave's guitar for us. IMGP4014  Dominic is a fierce pirate :) imgp4017  Sam plays his "fiddle" along with Frank on the guitar. ATT01131  Mountain biking with mommy on Wednesday nights while Dave is in class. Sam got to wear my cool headlamp! I love that it has a red nightvision setting...oh the mischief one can get into with a nightvision headlamp...
ATT01134  See the cheeks lit up by the headlamp? Those cheeks!!! And those little hands on the handlebars. Yes, it's a little late to be out but we're on a bike path and heading back to the truck now. ATT02203  A quick trip to the beach on base. imgp4026  We went to the tide pools with two other moms - spouses of Dave's colleagues - last Tuesday, the day the hurricane was "due" in. This strange guy was warning us away from the beach, but we were confident we'd be safe after checking all the weather reports, tracking the storm, tide levels, etc. It was funny because usually we have the tide pools entirely to ourselves on weekdays, but this day a preschool was out there as well! I've never seen this many kids there at once. The kids had a great time! IMGP4029
imgp4037 IMGP4040 imgp4060 IMGP4078  This is my wacky friend Dana :) ha ha! Wednesday nights we girls hang out while Dave is in class. You never know what will be going on at our house between 8pm-9pm (after Sam goes to bed and before Dave comes home). Two weeks ago we had a pillow fight. This week we decided you could only join the party if you wore a headlamp.
IMGP4081  Dana brought delicious cookies. Her husband was due to return from deployment the next day, so this was her last night of mischief. IMGP4083  Not sure who this is but there seems to be a flask involved? IMGP4087  On a hike with Sammy up the Pillbox trail. It'd been a while since we were on the trail, so it was really nice to head out with him. He wore his own pack and used my trekking pole. He's getting more and more coordinated with that - not putting it in front of his feet quite as much :) IMGP4088
IMGP4092 imgp4093  What are you doing with that Mr. Sam? imgp4094  That was pretty funny! imgp4098  Look at the little hiking shoes, and how tall he's getting compared to that trekking pole!
IMGP4099  A little break for a snack :) imgp4102 imgp4104  At the end of the trail. He did such a great job - about 1.5-2 mi hike with 750' elev gain, all on his own! And he still had energy left. We went for smoothies afterwards then home for a mini-bath and a nice nap. Such a life, huh? imgp4105  See? Not tired.
ATT00154 IMGP4107  Sending a birthday "card" to cousin Kingston! imgp4108  This has become a family tradition since our Coronado postal carrier  sent one to Sam when he was born - she sent it up to WA to us. It was so incredibly cool and sweet to get it. Thanks Jeanine Anne! IMGP4112  New big boy underpants!!! Thanks Gramma!
imgp4121  Surfing with mommy :) imgp4122 imgp4127  A feeding frenzy - Dave made a special dessert to celebrate taking some time off. Sam had just finished a 1.5 mi jog/walk with me so he chomped! IMGP4129  A trip to the tide pools with our friend Josh who is visiting for two days while the Stennis (Dave's former carrier) is in port.
IMGP4133  My footprint with Sammy's inside :) IMGP4139  Josh enjoyed getting a little sun after 7 months at sea! IMGP4141  And Dave enjoyed relaxing for a few minutes before Sam pulled him into the water. IMGP4152
IMGP4159 IMGP4165  Dave and Sam have a totally different off-time mission... IMGP4167 IMGP4173  A little late-afternoon espresso for the men.
IMGP4174  And espresso for Josh, too, before he heads out to meet up with everyone. IMG 0425  This may be the only way I ever stand up on a surfboard :) IMG 0426 IMG 0427
IMG 0428 IMG 0430 imgp4175  This is Papa Jack. He is a PhD microbiologist/cop/contractor/veteran all in one - oh from Boston, too. He is so cool. When we get our financing together for our kitchen remodel, he'll be the guy to pull it all together. I just love hearing him talk. IMGP4181  Thanks Gramma for my new electric toofbrush!
IMGP4183 IMGP4190  I get all my teeff cleaned wiff it! IMGP4193  Hanging out with Josh and friend Adom, and dad Lou before their "Tiger" cruise back to Washington. They got to ride on the aircraft carrier with Josh for the weeklong cruise back. What an adventure. And nice people, too! Adom had us laughing all night. Remember to eat your meat bites! IMGP4196  Our new solar powered flickering candle lanterns...
IMGP4198  The view out to Molokai from Bellows. imgp4199  Sammy in a bunkbed in the log cabin we rented for a day :) I got a little stir-crazy waiting for a space-a flight to WA so I just took off with clean underwear for both of us, snacks, water and headed to Bellows. We rented this little log cabin for $35 not knowing if we were staying the night or not. I figure it cost as much as a pedicure, which would have satisfied most women, so no big deal if we didn't end up staying. imgp4200  Sam loved the bunk bed, took a nice nap, then played at the beach. Dave came down with lattes for us adults and he read in his beach chair while Sam and I played in the water and made some new friends at this military beach. IMGP4202  Solar panels next to the cabin. Our truck in the background.
IMGP4204  So cute, isn't it? Just two bunks and a queen bed inside, but very cute. imgp4205  Mommy didn' t bring much for after beach play, so this is Sammy wearing mommy's sweatshirt after a shower. IMGP4207  Sammy plays the harmonica AND the drum! IMGP4211  Campfire and s'mores in our backyard :)
imgp4216  A nice hibiscus from our garden. I actually am partial to these over roses now. It's been a long haul getting them to bloom - fighting pests, transplanting. IMGP4217  A trip to the Discovery center children's museum. IMGP4218 imgp4219  Sam was really freaked out by the loud noises of the Jack and the Beanstalk exhibit...FEE FI FO FUM!
IMGP4222  But started to warm up by the time we got to Cinderella's castle. imgp4225  And put on a little turtle costume :) imgp4226 IMGP4227  In Cinderellas's coach...
imgp4232  He likes cleaning, as you already know :) IMGP4234 IMGP4236 imgp4240  The long arm of the law!
imgp4241  Fixing cars. IMGP4244 imgp4246 imgp4247  Looking "inside" :)
IMGP4248  A pink hibiscus blooms brightly in the morning sun in our garden. IMGP4253  A kayak trip out to Flat Island. IMGP4256 IMGP4257
imgp4259  Such cool hidden coves and beaches on this rocky little island off Kailua Beach. IMGP4261 IMGP4264  It's also a bird sanctuary. imgp4266
IMGP4267 IMGP4269  Time to head back! IMGP4275  But a quick swim first! imgp4278
IMGP4280  Kayaking again - this time down the canal by our home. IMGP4281  One of three pairs of sunglasses we lost in 4 days. The sign of good times, I think! IMGP4285  The end of the canal opens up into Kailua Bay - those are the Mokulua Islands you see in so many of our photos. It was really cool. We saw maybe 6 turtles on our trip. IMGP4286
IMGP4287 IMGP4290  Sammy is wondering - how is daddy going to get the kayak up this steep hill? IMGP4292  We goof off a bit since we can't really help anyway... IMGP4293
IMGP4294 IMGP4295  Stop talking, mommy! IMGP4296 IMGP4297  I did end up giving Dave a hand but he had it well under control :)
IMGP4300  Nice chance to play trains while on leave... IMGP4310  Lunch after more snorkeling up at Shark's Cove. IMGP4311  Ahhhh...push pop! IMGP4320  Our deck at night ...
ATT00077  He built this Lincoln Log Cabin all by himself! IMGP4327  Daddy and Sammy make a volcano while I sit and freeze in the wind - I've got a fever but don't really know it yet. Turns out I had strep. IMGP4330 IMGP4344  Sammy and Daddy have coffee in the morning :) Sammy's coffee is a special weekend or holiday treat - it's milk and Ovaltine.
IMGP4346  Ummmm...good! IMGP4348  The new teak chairs have been sanded and oiled to protect them against the rainy season. They look really nice now...Dave got us a nice teak table, too. IMGP4351  Paparazzi photo at the tide pools. IMGP4352
IMGP4353 IMGP4357  Sammy learns to swim in the tide pools. He's doing a pretty good dog paddle now :) IMGP4371 deck  Here's where we spend a lot of time - on our deck. We love the solar-powered flickering candle lanterns :) And I'm really happy I sanded and oiled the teak lounge chairs finally. They look much happier :)