2007-06 (JUNE)

ATT00538  Sammy has been very busy digging in his garden. Here he is digging out the gravel from a little patch of garden we gave to him. He and I worked very hard one afternoon clearing several hundred pounds of gravel. IMGP2797  Then we went to the nursery and he picked out plants. He loves caring for his plants. IMGP2798  Especially the watering part! IMGP2801
IMGP2804  Making "rain"! IMGP2805  And getting mommy! IMGP2808  A baby lemon! IMGP2810  And a baby lime! The first fruits on the trees I planted about 6 months ago. So exciting!
IMGP2811  A gardenia by the deck. ATT01289  Sammy playing pirate on a "date" with mommy. See the sword and bandana? IMGP2820  Some fun at the tide pools. IMGP2826
IMGP2829 IMGP2832 IMGP2838  A new outfit from Aunt Diane and Uncle Richie! ATT01716  More work in the garden. See the little ramp to the left? His cars and trucks like to drive down there and park.
ATT01761  Sam learning to jog - no kidding! He picks a pace that he can hold for a while and moves his little arms. This is on base where we run on some trails by fish ponds. We always look for a huge puffer fish we've seen a couple times. ATT01764 ATT01767  Stopping to check out some little groundcover plants. He chose the same ones from the nursery for his garden after recognizing them from this trail run. IMGP2907  Finally - a Saturday morning at the beach with mommy and daddy!
IMGP2910  Notice, daddy is drinking coffee and Sammy is making some for us. IMGP2913  That's Sammy's friend Bridget - she is 4. And her dad Brendan is just coming in on the far right side of the frame. He took a swim out to Flat Island. Leo is with their 11mo Greta, but out of the picture. We enjoyed hanging out with them. sam at tidal pool  And Sam is looking up at Auntie Angel in this picture! She and Sheena came to visit us. Sammy actually invited Angel. He likes her a lot. I asked him who should come with us and he said "Auntie Angel!" IMGP2914  There's Sheena - she's a friend of Angel's family and is here to stay for a month. She was here last summer when we arrived. It feels like we've come full circle now!
IMGP2917  We finally went to the zoo! Sammy is excited to see a heffayump! imgp2919  Baby elephant statue looks very real. He really checked it out :) IMGP2921 IMGP2923  Nostrils!
IMGP2925  Off to the next exhibit (yes, we're all slathered in 50 SPF and there is a good amount of shade, and good breezes). IMGP2927 IMGP2928  My two men... IMGP2930
IMGP2931 IMGP2933 IMGP2935 IMGP2941
IMGP2944 IMGP2949  fascinating... IMGP2951  Such interesting trees here. So many blooms! IMGP2952  Wow! Have you honestly ever seen a tortoise dropping?! Or even wondered? Quite large...indicative of their high-fiber diet.
IMGP2953  Galapagos tortoises. IMGP2955  Check the bark out. IMGP2959  Look what Dave got us - Sammy got a baby zebra, and mommy got a ... tortoise! IMGP2976  Sammy picked some grass for baby zebra.
IMGP2977  He's feeding him lunch before naptime. IMGP2980  An early morning adventure to the North Shore...Sammy is drinking his "coffee" - Ovaltine. We were on the road by 8am, headed to a hidden beach over a mile down an incredible dirt road. First we stopped for coffee and breakfast at Dave's fav haunt, the Coffee Gallery. IMGP2981  Oohhh - good coffee! IMGP2982  There's the truck. A few wasps were very interested in our bright beach gear. Once they figured out there was no tasty pollen they pretty much left us alone. Strange remoteness here. It's hard to find a place this solitary on the island. Very rugged.
IMGP2983  Awesome shells and beach glass... IMGP2985  Sammy liked it! We snorkeled for a bit and when the waves got rough we headed out to another beach - Shark's Cove - for more snorkeling. IMGP2989  I told Dave to take a picture of the road, but this in NO way does justice to it. I think of myself as a fairly fit person. On my run today I was really wondering why I was stiff after just snorkeling. I finally realized it was from bracing myself against the amazing rolling and bouncing we did on this road. Wow. IMGP2997  Shark's Cove - really great snorkeling! Busy - this is a weekday morning and we barely found a parking spot. It's vacation time. Everything is busy. But if we were to come straight here vs 4-wheeling next time (!) we'd have no trouble.
manybar goatfish  This is a goatfish. not sure fish  Not sure what this is - my friends love to SCUBA so I'm sure I'll hear some suggestions :) parrotfish  Parrotfish! I tracked this guy for a while but he is skittish. And fast. And big. christmas wrasse  Christmas wrasse. Love the colors!
feeding frenzy  A whole bunch of surgeonfish feeding on the reef. goldrim surgeonfish  More surgeonfish - we think the goldrim surgeonfish. spotted fish  The illustrious spotted fish. Not sure about this one, either. whitebar and orangeband surgeonfish  Whitebar and orangeband surgeonfish. These were frames captured from my underwater camera movies. You would probably get sick watching it but if you want me to email it to you, just let me know!
IMGP2998  Even though it was busy, you can find plenty of water to yourself. It's a preserve, so there are tons of fish. We had SUCH a blast. Sam is learning to snorkel by experimenting with peeking through the mask into the water. He wants to look for treasure chests left behind by pirates... IMGP3001  After lunch, we're all tired. IMGP3003  Somebody crashed on the way home and stayed asleep for close to 3 hrs. We even moved him to his bed to finish up his nap. Then we went to sleep for a short nap! What an adventurous weekend :) imgp3005  Tito Pig and Tita Bear sent Sammy some pirate gear!
imgp3009  He's got the looks down, doesn't he? But he was concerned that the pirate didn't have pirate shoes on. Since we're in Hawaii, I explained it's customary for pirates to not wear shoes so they can easily sneak up on people and steal the treasures ;) imgp3010  Look at that face! This is not coached! I swear! I just suggested he go outside and mommy would take a picture of the little pirate. He says he's Captain Patch - from one of his books. I couldn't believe he wore the patch with no problem. Didn't even trip as I fully expected he would. imgp3011  Aaaaarrgh, matey! imgp3012  I think I can cut the grass with this sword!
imgp3015  Nice, huh? imgp3016  Learning to wield it like a professional pirate :) IMGP3022  Cool urchins found at Laniakea beach while we were on turtle guarding duty :) IMGP3025  Two friendly boys who kept bringing me specimens to check out and photograph!
IMGP3031  Sea cucumber, which I did actually  bring myself to hold. Sammy liked how slippery and soft it was. IMGP3026  Sammy's new friends - they belong to one of the other volunteers. They were so nice to Sammy and played with him for a couple hours. IMGP3035  Making more stuff with our sand kitchen gear. I think pancakes and chocolate chip soup were on the lunch menu. All made with sand, tiny pine cones and other natural materials. Very organic and low fat. IMGP3030  Cool dude :)
IMGP3033  This is Woolly Bully I think - and that is a rock behind him, although it looks like another turtle hauling up. IMGP3036  Playing with a new Jeep Rubicon from Auntie Angel. I REALLY want to get in this Jeep! Sammy and I are talking about getting us one.  A used one. After we trade in the Xterra. First we'd have to send Dave away for a while...not gonna happen ;) imgp3043  I love this shot - little buddy playing in the tide pools at Kailua Beach on Friday evening. We try to spend "aloha Friday" there during the late afternoon when the sun is less intense. Dave brings pizza to us when he gets home from work. This time it was actually chilly with the high winds. The little wetsuit is from Gramma Oli - she found it in NYC. He's holding his "big red car" in his left hand. So between the water and the car, he's got all his favorite items in reach! IMGP3047  Giggling like crazy while dunking big red car (BRC).
IMGP3050  Very high tide, so lots of fun to romp around in the waves. IMGP3054  Our new friend Dana - she has been a good buddy since her husband went away on some deployment somewhere 13 hours from here. That's all we know. She's tolerated some impromptu dinners at our house and returned the favor with a fabulous burger and home made potato salad last night. She also shares a love of carrot cake. She's the one who made some from scratch for my birthday. Now Sammy always asks for carrot cake... IMGP3055  Sammy likes this picture. He said "I'm looking up at the sky!" imgp3056  Wow! Big wave! He likes to body surf in. Sometimes he is more coordinated than others :)
imgp3058  This was fun...high winds, tired and cold kid...and carrot cake on a tippy plate! Thank goodness for a few extra hands! IMGP3059  Toward the end of the feeding frenzy he lost one bite to Dana's doggie - Schnucky (have I spelled it right this time, Dana?) who is lurking below. He was soooo upset. He dropped his fork in frustration then completely lost it. We salvaged another bite for him then promised to have more the next night. He actually walked the cake down to Dana's house when we got home after a little convincing and a few drops. The frosting peeled off nicely against the plastic cover so we could get it the next night after those burgers I mentioned :) imgp3061  Stretching out on the marsh trail. This is becoming a weekend tradition - we go for a family run and Sammy gets out to run some of it. Last weekend he ran about 1/2 mile straight through! IMGP3064  This weekend he was more interested in pushing the stroller and jogging, just like mommy :)
IMGP3065  "Ooops! I had another accident!" He's laughing :) IMGP3067  And is very proficient at regrouping for another go.