Father's Day weekend

IMGP2878  Climbing up the pillbox trail in Lanikai. Sammy did a great job hiking up 1/2 mile and 500+ feet elevation. Not an easy job for a little guy. He says pirate ships, smaaaaall pirate ships, can be seen from the pillbox. He has been talking about pirates at "Waimanawo beach" (Waimanalo beach). IMGP2891  We had the GPS with us so I packed Sammy another 1/2 mi out to the third bunker so we could chart the trail. Dave and I will chart the whole trail on a trail run sometime. IMGP2893  Very very windy! imgp2886  The pillbox is right there, daddy!
imgp2888 imgp2902 imgp2901  A little sandwhich while watching the US Open. imgp2906  Ahhh...Sammy still asks for more!
imgp2905  My new friend, Dana! She made awesome carrot cake for my birthday. She discovered we share a birth month and a love for carrot cake! How nice :)