2007-05 (MAY)

Oneawa Hills

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Mariner's Ridge

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P1010040  We had fun talking about which animals have whiskers, then decided we really should have some, too! Gramma, mommy and Sammy all had whiskers on when Dave arrived home. Think we got some on him???? P1010044  A morning at the tide pools - such a great place for Sam to play. Lots of other little kids there this morning. P1010042 P1010048
P1010049 P1010050  Looking at all the little fish in the tide pools. P1010055 IMGP2453  Dave was a huge hit reading to Catie, Sam and Anneliese at a dinner party tonight (at Nate and Laurie's - the same great couple who always host fabulous dinners!).
IMGP2460  After waking up from a nap in his "chrysalis", my butterfly is working hard with his truck! IMGP2465  Then he practices flying! IMGP2476  Ahh...time for a rest! Flying is hard work! IMGP2485  Gramma went back to WA...but we'll see her soon I'm sure!
IMGP2527  Sam's first time in a bouncy house! IMGP2554  A quick breather :) IMGP2555 IMGP2556
IMGP2557 imgp2561  A quick drink and cake at the birthday party...then back for more! imgp2650  waking up from a nap at Auntie Angel's - sleeping on David's bed! IMGP2652
IMGP2653  "Happy hour" at the tide pools. This has become a Friday tradition, and this time we were joined by neighbors Ronnie and Giji and their 2 1/2 yr old boy Jonah. We had a great time swimming, then enjoyed pizza that Dave brought and chocolate chip cookies that Ronnie baked. IMGP2658 IMGP2661  You can't tell...but Giji is expecting!!! IMGP2662
IMGP2667  Hawaiian canoe races in the background. IMG 0003 IMG 0004 IMG 0006
IMG 0008 IMG 0009 IMG 0011 IMG 0014
IMG 0015 imgp2670  See the little hand reaching up? IMGP2678 IMGP2680  The next morning. Sammy can't get enough of these tide pools.
IMGP2684 IMGP2685 IMGP2687 IMGP2689
IMGP2700  Tried to age this like an old-time family photo - like the ones our parents have in their albums??? dave thru blinds  Surreal Dave. imgp2702 IMGP2705  A tiny fish captured under water with my camera.
Brutus and monk seal  Brutus and 5AY (monk seal about to pup). IMGP2759  Turtle tracks... IMGP2761  Sammy likes to "cook" while we're on turtle duty. He makes oatmeal, coffee, raisin bran, etc. for 2 hrs - by the time we leave I am famished after playing along! We take a swim, look for more turtles then either have a lunch "date" in Haleiwa or picnic on the beach before heading home. IMGP2768  Dear friends Angel and Mike invited us to celebrate their 17th weddding anniversary at a private jazz club above someone's home. It was really cool.
IMGP2784  Sammy and I visited story time on base, then made a craft. IMGP2785  Taking Caff to the beach on the base. IMGP2786  BIG crab...I was filming this guy up really close as he scurried, then I felt something on my foot. I totally wigged while the camera was still running. I edited that part out :) ha ha! ATT00051  Sammy riding his bike at the beach park. He's gotten pedaling and steering down well enough he toured all around the park and didn't want to turn around to go home!  Here he's pulling tricks already  - no hands!
ATT00045 ATT00048 IMGP2790  Swimming in our association pool after the bike ride.