2007-07-11 Sharks Cove

IMGP3457 IMGP3447  This little guy is SO cute! IMGP3504 IMGP3501  Dave likes to dive deep - big Navy diver show-off!
IMGP3493  I stick to the surface. Although I'm dive-certified it's been a while. Plus, I "narc" while snorkeling, which I know is totally not possible! IMGP3492 IMGP3491 IMGP3475
IMGP3473 IMGP3472 IMGP3462  Dad snorkeling. IMGP3461
IMGP3448 IMGP3454 IMGP3495  This is Humu humu nuku nuku apua'a! The little fish is Hawaii's state fish :) Sammy loves to say the name. It means literally "fish with nose like a pig." IMGP3453  A butterfly fish.
IMGP3476  A wrasse. IMGP3458  Moorish idol. imgp3520  A walk around Turtle Bay Resort and lunch on the beach. IMGP3533
imgp3544 IMGP3530 IMGP3528  Sammy's first push-up! IMGP3521
shoulder spot goby