uniquely Hawaiian things

Hawaiian sea salt – amazing – add to fish with lemon and grill (we did a Pacific blue marlin the other night, with sticky rice and salad and pineapple dressing – very tasty!); last night we had Kalua pig made with hickory smoke flavor and sea salt, cooked on low in the slow cooker for 16 hours, also very good. You remember my misoyaki butterfish? Also quite tasty – I’m going to see if I can add it to the recipe list.
deoderant with alpine lichen in it – hmmm…bought this yesterday because it seemed interesting. will let you know how it works! smells good.


  1. Matt 19 September, 2006

    Grilled Spam is a uniquely Hawaiian thing to.

  2. Gramma (the Oli one) 20 September, 2006

    Finally, back online at Aberdeen Starbucks — trying to catch up with you. Your blog really helps — thank you so much for all the effort you put out to keep the family “together” honey!

    Your culinary skills have really branched out!! Daring!! Good for you.

    Off to the next blog entry.

    Love you HUGE!

  3. Alden 5 October, 2006

    Glad you are enjoying the foods. I’m getting hungry reading the posts! So have you tried spam musubi yet? This was deemed a a culturally significant (or similar title) food back in the 1990s when new food safety regulations regarding refridgeration were passed. People were up in arms that spam musubi could no longer be left sitting out all day on a shop counter for sale so the law was amended to allow for such culturally significant and historically proven safe without refridgeration foods. They are easy to make too if you ever want to take them on a hike or kayaking.

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