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waterfall hike with new hiking buddies


We had a great time hiking with some new friends we met really randomly – through a neighbor through Craigslist πŸ™‚ Our group of 3 moms and 5 kids hiked to Pali Falls (see photos). The kids got messy but we all had a great time. It’s so nice to check out new trails and find like-minded moms. We also found another geocache site – I’m calling Kathy “cache-dawg” now πŸ™‚ Here’s a note from TheQueenBee – the lady who created the cache we found. Nice to have new mystery friends! (

re: Little Mason Jar cache

Yaay! Congratulations on finding the cache! I saw the picture of the kids– they have got to be the youngest that have hiked in on their own to this cache! Hope they had fun. If they enjoyed this, you might try going to “Jasmine’s Permanent Christmas Tree” and “Kiddie Cache’ with them. Have fun. TQB

“Am I a crazy hiker?”


Yesterday we did our first family hike – the Makiki Valley Trail. We had a great time, and found a nature center to check out when it’s open (we hiked on the Fourth).

first shake-down hike


The three of us headed out for Ben’s first hike today. He is 13 days old. We chose the nearby Friendship Garden – it’s 5 minutes away and only about a mile and a half long. A little climbing, a good lookout for a snack, and great views. Plus, plenty of “loot” in the form of sticks and seed pods to bring home.

Manoa Falls hike


The kids had another fun hike today to see a 150′ waterfall! It was shady and lush in the forest, with lots of neat trees and plants to look at. The hike is about 2 miles roundtrip (including distance from car parking to trailhead). We envisioned the mud and rocks were chocolate and macadamia nuts since it’s Valentine’s Day πŸ™‚ Enjoy the virtual hike through a lush rainforest by clicking on the picture above.

Another great hike!

imgp6484-2.JPG topomap.jpg

Here’s Sam and his friend Anneliese on a hike today πŸ™‚ We had a great time – didn’t quite tag the top but next time we will! They did 700′ elevation gain in just over a mile. And that was one way – they were tired by the time they got back to the trucks!