sammy says “yes” and “bath”!

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well – he is saying something that sounds like those words, and at the appropriate times. we ask him yes/no questions and then ask him to use his words to answer, hence the “yes” (and the vigorous head-shaking motion for “no” you saw in a video last week!). we ask him if he wants to shower or have a bath at night – he usually picks a bath (in the kitchen sink) but sometimes he opts for the shower and takes us there. cute 🙂

the first picture above is of misoyaki butterfish – we grilled it at Mike and Angel’s Monday night. I found the marinade for this buttery, cod-like fish on a food blog – it was fantastic! I’m glad because the marinade was made from some local ingredients I’d never used before (mirin, miso, sake) and marinated for three days. it was fun to see Mike, Angel and the boys, and it felt great to take a dip in the pool after dinner.
Sammy and I went for a run today over in Kailua – I packed up the stroller and parked by a coffee house we planned to visit afterwards (like we did in Poulsbo). It was SO hot even at 9am. I am still adjusting to the heat, and my mileage is low as a result. My body does NOT like running in the heat. I can’t cool off. anyway – I felt like I really belong in this community after being approached in the coffee shop by a couple ladies. The first had seen me out running (maybe it was the fluourescent green shirt?) and invited me to join Stroller Strides. The second had seen Sam out at the outlets last weekend and recognized him in the coffee shop, but not me (because I was actually dressed well, showered, etc. when we were shopping). The third turned out to be an Army wife whose husband works at tripler. Nice to meet her and her little girl! We had a great time socializing and getting to know the local community.

With the cost of living here higher than the mainland, I am scouring Craig’s list for several items, one of them a big boy bed for Sam so he can have one when he moves into his new room. I also bought sandals on ebay for sam – crazy, huh? – because there is no Target here and these sandals just rocked (Cherokee). They are tough, take a beating, look cute, and stay on his feet no matter what he’s climbing or running on. They only sell “slippers” (flip flops) here for little kids. He’s not a big fan, but is tolerating it well. They are very cute, but not as practical for active dudes. So back to the sandals – a lady in CA is shipping two pairs of new sandals to me for cheaper than I could buy one pair here.

If you’re wondering how to make cost-of-living comparisons quickly, consider using my highly sophisticated “Ritter Ratio.” For example, in WA, the cost of a Ritter Sport chocolate bar at the local gourmet market was $1.99, at the commissary it was $1.49, and here at the commissary it was $2.12!!! 42% more costly! We’re savoring the milk chocolate and coconut version now 🙂

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