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I have been working on revamping my photo gallery software so that I can use one program to organize photos, insert captions, create web galleries AND publish them to our website. It’s taken about a whole week to do the research and find a program I’m happy with. I admit, I’ve even joined a user forum – a bulletin board!!!! Wow. Being busy and desperate to simplify staying connected with family and friends will make a woman crazy enough to do such things. I totally recommend JAlbum. It’s fantastic!!!! Check out our gallery using the links in the sidebar – the “Album” link will take you to all the photos from Sept-present, including fun at the beach today. This way you’ll be able to browse around without getting lost. The gallery feature of my blog was not cuttin’ it. Hope you’re as thrilled as I am…well, I guess that’s unlikely 🙂 But hope you have fun visiting.

On another note, I made an actual dinner tonight. Chicken adobo. My neighbor was making it for her husband for lunch so I was shamed into making something for Dave tonight. I happened to have chicken thawing in the fridge for some as yet unknown entree. Thankfully this Filipino recipe was easy and tasty. You sautee chicken in olive oil and garlic until it’s just tenderized (I didn’t know what this meant, so I figured until just turning whitish), then pour in some soy sauce and vinegar. You can season with salt and pepper, and even 7UP if you want it sweeter. I’ll save that for next time. Simmer until chicken is cooked. Serve over sticky rice. (Does anyone know how to keep sticky rice from sticking to the pan you cook it in? Dave claims to have the secret but it doesn’t seem to be transferable to me.)

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  1. Tita Bear & Tito Pig 4 October, 2006

    al-dogg!! i am sooo excited to see chicken adobo as a recipe of yours!! my brothers at home can make a killer chicken adobo!!! I LOV IT!!! miss you tons, and i still am in love with all of sammy pants’ pictures!!! i want to see you guys soon!

    lov bear

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