Dill mac nut salmon with arugula

Salmon with dill mac nut marinade

I improvised a marinade for our salmon tonight. It was really pretty good: fresh dill (from our garden!), tsp garlic salt, 1 clove garlic crushed, mac nut oil, lemon juice. We served it over arugula (also from our garden) with papaya seed dressing.

My first two days home have been interesting – I managed to call both Poison Control and the Police within 48 hrs of returning home. Yesterday I took care of all the plants and cleaned up the house. I was working quickly. That’s when the craziness strikes. I gave the plants some Miracle-Gro, then harvested a bunch of arugula that was growing abundantly. I made a nice salad out of it for lunch and chomped it down quickly. I was hungry! THEN I realized that I’d sprayed Miracle-Gro on it before harvesting. Fortunately I’d rinsed it off carefully before eating it. I called around, including Poison Control and the manufacturer. Apparently this is nothing to worry about. You can spray the day of harvest. In fact, apparently many kids drink the stuff thinking it’s Cool Aid. Hmmmm. If this baby turns out to be large like Sam, I will not be surprised! Today Sam accidentally locked me out of his room. He was napping before I realized the door was locked. He must have played with it earlier in the day and I didn’t notice when I shut the door. I called the police so they would be on their way to help me pick the lock before it became a crisis. Dave and I had just talked about the door the night before – whether or not Sam would be able to open the door on his own if need be. I thought we’d picked the lock before anticipating this might happen, but I guess we didn’t get it to work. Mr. Policeman arrived and tried to pick it, with no luck. Then Sam woke up. I asked him to come over to the door to let mommy in and he said “No, I don’t need to do that.” So I asked again, making it sound like a whole lot of fun! He came over to the door and I asked him to turn the little knob on the door knob. Fortunately he got it the first time and we quickly turned the knob ourselves to open it up. It was really slick – he looked super smart 🙂 Dave has since duct-taped the doors so it won’t happen again. We had a laugh about the incidents each day. Maybe tomorrow will be pretty normal…


  1. Gramma (Oli) 19 October, 2007

    We are on our way to the Yacht Club for the Steak Fry, but I couldn’t go without first reading your blog — and then calling upstairs to Pete to be sure he reads it before we go. I just sat here howling as I thought about you “negotiating” with a 2.5 year old cute little boy!! What a crazy time you’ve had, and you didn’t even mention how nutsy Davey must feel, now that you’re home and his peace and quiet have been trashed!!

  2. Molly 24 October, 2007

    It’s great to check in on you guys. Thrilled you are home safely. I have a door in our house that I worry about getting locked out and you’ve just reminded me that I need to take care of that possibility ;o) It sounds like your PG is coming along great… WOOHOO!!! Your Salmon and Arugula sounds incredible!! What a beautiful meal and picture to prove it. :o)

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