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One of the fun things about going to the market here is the wide selection of ethnic choices, especially Pacific rim. Several months ago, Sam and I tried Strawberry Yan Yan (chocolate version pictured above). We usually get seaweed salad and sushi when we go to the market, that way lunch is ready as soon as I’m done putting groceries away. So in the spirit of trying Asian things, we enjoy an imported dessert afterwards. It wasn’t until Dave finally tried some last night that I realized how funny this snack really is. To get a reaction from Dave takes real creativity. Look at the little creature! That is Yan Yan I guess. You dip the little cracker sticks into strawberry cream (it also comes in chocolate and vanilla). The sticks are decorated with strange little phrases. I’m not sure if they’re intended to tease English speakers, if they’re used a teaching tool in a conversational English class, or the result of a student project… Dave found one last night that made me laugh out loud – “STAG BEETLE – LOVE IT.” Another one said “STAR + FISH.” You never know what you’re going to find! On a more serious note, we love Char Siu sauce – it’s an easy and tasty marinade. We used it on for grilled pork ribs last night, but have previously enjoyed it as a chicken marinade as well. If you see it in your import aisle, grab it and try it! And don’t be afraid of the Yan Yan…

first guest commentator submission

The following post is reprinted with permission from my friend Alden who lives in the Northeast but has roots in Hawaii. (You can read his travel blog at – he provides great information on global travel, including airport security updates, suggestions for agents if you plan a trip to Africa, and more). Alden has taken a keen interest in my infestation issues here and has provided many salient suggestions for managing mice, cockroaches, and most recently fleas. He also has extensive experience with termite prevention 🙂 (Sounds like I am writing his bio!) He says he laughs out loud reading some of my posts (probably the one about spraying the carpets with weed killer instead of flea killer) but his reply via email is what made ME laugh 🙂 Here it is for your enjoyment…thank you Alden! Looking forward to seeing you in June!