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so my fascinating friends can share their viewpoints on life, etc.

first guest commentator submission

The following post is reprinted with permission from my friend Alden who lives in the Northeast but has roots in Hawaii. (You can read his travel blog at – he provides great information on global travel, including airport security updates, suggestions for agents if you plan a trip to Africa, and more). Alden has taken a keen interest in my infestation issues here and has provided many salient suggestions for managing mice, cockroaches, and most recently fleas. He also has extensive experience with termite prevention 🙂 (Sounds like I am writing his bio!) He says he laughs out loud reading some of my posts (probably the one about spraying the carpets with weed killer instead of flea killer) but his reply via email is what made ME laugh 🙂 Here it is for your enjoyment…thank you Alden! Looking forward to seeing you in June!