blue and white awesomeness!

Sam couldn't get enough of the saucering, picking the steepest "cliffs" so he could get max velocity and even some air. I loved it, too! I am a screamer, though, much to the family's embarrassment!

We chanced heading up to Hurricane Ridge today given the road was open at least – we got turned away two weeks ago with Steve was visiting because the lot had filled up already. With 45 degree weather, sun and clear roads we figured we’d get turned away again but just had to try. We were lucky – we got a spot!!! Sooooo beautiful! Ang – reminds me of a romp we did up there in the tiny car, which was nearly out of gas, and Sam along for the ride as a baby. Where was Dave? Josh? What were we thinking??? We had a beautiful day, too, as I recall. And another time we were up there on a sunny day with Dad and Grammie shortly after Sam was born. So nice to be back again!!! It was totally socked in from the Pacific Coast to Snoqualmie Pass – lots of low fog. We climbed a few hundred feet and here’s what the world looked like. Enjoy!

Is he 4? Or 14? So cool. 🙂



  1. Ang 22 January, 2013

    Ahh, I too will always remember our romp in the snow! We had so much fun despite being totally unprepared! Love it & You! Miss you my mischievous friend!

  2. Gramma 22 January, 2013

    What a great outing for two parents who have’t seen “down time” in months! A whole lot more snow than the couple times I’ve been there — perfect day, above the clouds. That’s how we need to live life – ABOVE THE CLOUDS! Congratulations on putting together a beautiful day and for sharing it with us.

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