IMGP6467  The eggs incubating - this is day 12. The big one in front is from our sweet hen, HollyRamona, who seems to have suddenly decided to lay! IMGP6469  Ben helps turn the eggs three times a day. IMGP6541  Neighbors and friends over for Ben's party. I really enjoyed seeing Tami and Tijen again. IMGP6542  This is "scratch" - the leftover cake crumbles from cutting Ben's cake into a cube, plus some gummi worms. I had the zany idea to eat it like chickens. And so we did - using beaks to get the worms. Some of our "roosters" tried to give the worms to their hens, but the hens were not so interested. Tijen and I might possibly have tried to eat from the same plate with our beaks, too. The men thankfully missed most of this silliness.
IMGP6543  Peeps, too! There were a dozen... IMGP6545  And cutting his cube cake. IMGP6546  Tami was so sweet to take a bunch of pictures for us. IMGP6547
IMGP6549  You can see why the men missed out on seeing us eat the "scratch" - they were watching from afar, like we're animals at a zoo :) IMGP6550  Also champagne visible...having the party French style, which drinks for parents, truffle brie, fig crackers, fig spread, grapes, baguettes that I made...So much fun. IMGP6551  Now we're eating the scratch! IMGP6552  A little bit might have gotten on some of the faces. But I had wipes ready on the table :)
IMGP6553 IMGP6554  What is that on your face? IMGP6557  The pulley system in use, hauling children up the tree. IMAG1700  Off to buy a cap gun with money from his Great Grandma!
IMAG1701 IMAG1702  These were a huge hit! IMG 2155  Thank goodness for my friend Tami who started taking pictures for mom to enjoy! Tami caught some really good ones with just her cell phone camera! She is amazing. And she's a professional photographer, too. Imagine what she could do for Merlin's next photo shoot! IMG 2156  The jeering eye! How does he see past that thing!?
IMG 2157  You are interrupting again, Mister! IMG 2159  Ben wanted a blue cube cake with a big 4 on top. So that is what Mommy did! I was doing cube roots last night trying to get the size just right because I had to stack and mortar three cakes again. Dave says I was overthinking things. IMG 2160  Aww, little buddy is turning four! IMG 2161  Peeps for the big day in case his real peeps didn't pip out yet. (We started hearing them on his party day, and today on his actual bday they are wriggling!) And worms, of course. Chickens love worms!
IMG 2163  Singing Happy Birthday to him :) Loved the little hands while waiting. Sweet boy. IMG 2164  The big "roosters" came over for this part :) See the daddies in the background? IMG 2165  Tricky to cut. Especially when you're making cubes again - now why was I cutting so small? IMG 2168  Ah ha! Mommy and boy together. That knife is a bit overkill for a cake I think :)
IMG 2171  Dave says "stop gesturing with that knife, ok?" IMG 2172  Sam enjoying some cake :) IMG 2173  And there's Tijen on the left who braved a visit with Merlin! She wanted to give HollyRamona a hug and just marched right in there, champagne in hand. The menfolk were like "uh - you know there's a rooster in there, right?" Sure enough, Merlin marched over and gave Tijen a good talking to, and a few flaps at the legs which dealt a good blow. I think he got her boot in return. When I got back with a champagne refill for someone else I noticed Tijen in the run with birds and her champagne stashed safely on the coop door! Her eyes were wide, but she DID get that HollyRamona hug and kiss after all. Such a brave lady - and totally nuts :) IMG 2174  Love the peering eye over the towering cake!
IMG 2176  Good job, Tami, capturing the manifesto! :) IMG 2177  Thinking about a second piece, perhaps? IMG 2180  This is the scratch...cake crumbles. The kids loved this next game. The grownups were happy to miss it - until they noticed their kids had blue hair, lips, nose, cheeks and wondered what they'd been up to. This was not authorized by Dave. IMG 2182  So you eat like a chicken and try to use your beak only, capturing worms from your plate.
IMG 2184  Yup, that's right! IMG 2185  Who else wants some? IMG 2187  Ben just grabbed worm after worm after worm :) IMG 2188  Now the roosters are supposed to give the worms to their hens. These roosters didn't do that.
IMG 2189  More? Yes! IMG 2190  Ok Tijen - our turn! IMG 2191  Eeeewww! IMG 2195  Sour!
IMG 2196  Ahhhck! IMG 2198  What a good friend playing along! You are SO much fun! IMG 2200  Good job, rooster! IMG 2202
IMG 2203  Now time for more crazy games! The kids made up some funny relays next, which I played with them, of course, because they were so good to play my games :) IMAG1704  And a plane from Matt and Melodie! Our friends are so sweet to come celebrate, even though most of our parties seem to be outside and very active! IMGP6544  Singing Happy Birthday to Ben :)