IMGP6567  Getting their house all put together! IMGP6571  Little Buffy :) IMGP6574  Welcome to the world, Gordon! IMGP6575  Eagle checking out Buffy.
IMGP6577  Their little home. IMGP6578 IMGP6583  Gordon is such a little rascal! IMGP6588  So full of mischief, just like his father, Merlin. His mom is one of the two peep girls.
IMGP6590  And little Alex looks like a Reese's peanut butter cup. His mom is AllisonAudrey. IMGP6592 IMGP6601  Buffy! IMGP6603
IMGP6613 IMGP6615 Baby peeps  A little movie of Gordon in his shell before he came out.