Mt. Walker Mother's Day

IMGP6487  Out on a splendid Mother's Day weekend hike up Mt. Walker on the western side of the Hood Canal. IMGP6488  It's a 5.5 mile hike (if you include both viewpoints at the top) and 2000' elev. IMGP6491  The kids - Ben especially - were tired before they even started. It was a warm, lazy Saturday and they'd had a nice farm breakfast before driving over. Ben still has a cold so he was pretty logey and ready to take a doze when we arrived. IMGP6495  But the fresh air and scenic views pepped us all up pretty quickly.
IMGP6501  And Sam found this new friend! IMGP6502  He was so brave picking it up! Daddy was saying "If we don't know what it is we shouldn't pick it up." IMGP6505  Daddy carried Eagle up the trail for Benji :) IMGP6506  Sam says - no more pictures!
IMGP6508  But it's funny face time! IMGP6511  Lunch time! IMGP6512  They were tired but they really did a great job. Just an hour and a half to walk up the steep 20% grade. IMGP6513  Looking out at Mt. Baker, a dormant volcano.
IMGP6514  Then over to the south viewpoint. IMGP6515 IMGP6516 IMGP6517
IMGP6519 IMGP6521  From here you can see all the way to Seattle, Rainier, and Mt. St. Helens! IMGP6522  Eagle loved the view, too! IMGP6523
IMGP6526  Walking back down, now. Then to JJs for clam chowder and ice cream at Mora. Such a nice day! Thank you, gentlemen! IMGP6500  Here we are, hiking away! Ben looks like Dick Proenekke here (see "Alone in the Wildnerness" films if you haven't already.) IMGP6503  But I had researched snakes from Hawaii knowing I wouldn't have time to consult my smart phone if the moment presented itself. So I was pretty sure it was ok. Sam just grabbed it like he used to grab lizards! IMGP6510  The view from the top. None of the pictures really do it justice.