2012-04 APRIL

Spring Break

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garden prep

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IMAG1530  Ben practicing his letters while out on a hike. IMAG1531  And balance beam time! IMAG1532 IMAG1533  Gotta love a stream and boots!
IMAG1536  The boys' fort now has camo coverage! IMAG1538 IMAG1542  Just chillin' :) IMAG1544  Mommy in the fort, too!
IMAG1547  Sam looks like a model here, doesn't he? LL Bean? IMAG1548 IMGP6368  The view from my little perch at my desk. The cherry tree in bloom. IMGP6370  And the magnolia tree looking amazing in bloom!
IMGP6371  This picture complements one we took in the winter in snow. IMGP6372  Camelia buds! As things bloom, we walk around the house trying to figure out what's growing! IMGP6376 IMGP6378  Magnolia buds have fuzzy "ears" at the bottom.
IMGP6379  Neighbor Ellie who helped take care of our chickens while we were away. IMGP6383  The three kids out walking on our trails. We cleared all this land of underbrush and holly. Lots of work! IMGP6390  Ellie learning to do bike jumps while her mom was away in NZ! IMGP6394
IMGP6401  Sam biking on his trails - how cool! He's on his way to the fort. IMGP6405 IMAG1601  Ben out practicing biking at the north end of the island. An old logging community. IMAG1602  So many pretty flowers around!
IMAG1603  Deer fencing. IMGP6410 IMGP6411 IMAG1604  A little after-school science lesson for kids and neighbors.
IMGP6413  And egg collecting! Love the lines on these eggs. IMGP6419  Our new picnic table! IMAG1605  Inspired by this one at Bay Hay :) IMAG1606
IMGP6426  Look at all those eggs! And the blue ones match our deck fabrics! IMGP6442  The beer garden - where everyone has fun digging in the dirt, but things go horribly wrong with the gardening! I tend to move things around without thinking after just a few sips because I'm dehydrated! IMGP6444  Ben loves working with these snippers. He looks so chubby here doesn't he? But he's definitely not. IMAG1611  He made it over the whole distance!
IMAG1612  And again! IMAG1617  This is fun to climb! IMAG1620  Giving HollyRamona a nice little ride! IMAG1621  She wasn't so sure it was that nice, really!
IMAG1623  Ben careens up and down the driveway - he loves getting up some serious speed on the downhill! IMAG1624  This is cool - helpful to have on hand since we're doing borrowing now in our supplemental Grade 3 math book at home. IMAG1625  Sam liked to climb up this rock :) IMGP6445  Our kitchen skylight - nice to have sun on the weekend! It seems to clear up for weekends here - so NICE!
IMGP6446  Dave making some pasta and sausage for an impromptu dinner with Randy and Krissie. Randy is Sam's guitar teacher. IMGP6447  More soil testing for the science fair project! IMGP6452  There they are! Sorry it's blurry. Krissie brought TULIPS! My first! IMGP6453  Nice evening.
IMGP6460  Now playing some Willie Nelson - City of New Orleans. Promptly identified as one of Sam's favorite new songs. IMGP6461  I'm doing stump drums and tending the fire :) Randy and Sam playing  A movie from the evening! IMAG1626  Ben crashed out while I was working one day. He was listening to The Band and just laid his uke down, put his pick down, and crashed.
IMAG1627  This little owl, Athena, doesn't much care for it when Ben visits with Eagle. We may go to this, or we may not, just a sample of one of the many activities here. IMAG1628  HollyRamona getting a warm soak to ease her swollen hind end. Still not sure what it is despite a pretty thorough differntial diagnosis (by me - so take that with a grain of salt, other than you know how much I like to research things!). She seemed to really like it. The smell of warm feathers was not so great, though. IMAG1629  Especially when the house smelled like it when Dave made a stir-fry later. Not sure the correlation there but it was disturbing for me to eat. I was starving so down the hatch it went! IMAG1631  Cute sweet little hen! We are so glad you're hanging in there! Yes, I massaged the vent and tried to see if an egg was stuck. Very hard to tell, but that's my #1 diagnosis (egg bound).
IMAG1633  Sam's science fair project! Nitrogen testing - which boosts better, compost or coffee grounds? (The latter did, without the risk of bacteria.) IMGP6445-001  Our kitchen skylight - nice to have sun on the weekend! It seems to clear up for weekends here - so NICE!