IMGP6118  On our way to the plane! First taxi (then race back to the house for Grownup Eagle who was hiding under a bed!), then ferry, then limo, then plane! IMGP6121  The limo! IMGP6126  Finally waking up at Gramma's for Easter Baskets a bit early... IMGP6129
IMGP6133  Sam is building a flat bed truck now - a new Lego Technic to keep him company outside on the lanai. IMGP6135  And Ben got a Jeep with a canoe, just like Dick Proenneke! IMG 6379  Heading off on a great adventure down the bike path 4.7 miles to the beach. Ben did really great coasting down huge ramps which carry the bikers under the I5 overpass. IMG 6380  Off we go!
IMG 6382  And at the ocean mom met us with some cranberry bread she'd baked up. The pelicans were out feeding on fish - they looked like huge C5s flying overhead! IMG 6383  The birds!!! IMGP6142  Back of Richard's house - gardens to left with fruit trees, and lovely grassy area for boys to put on an after-dinner show :) IMGP6143  This is where the "falling up" show took place most nights after dinner. They would race around, fall down, make funny noises, and do it again!
IMGP6144  So nice to see the SUN! IMGP6147  Peeking out of the lounge chair :) IMGP6150  Showing Eagle how to sleep in the chair, just like Daddy did. IMGP6155  And good for roosting, too.
IMGP6158  We all crashed that first afternoon. I fell asleep for a few minutes under the corkscrew willow, just like the chickens do when they take a dust bath. Talk about relaxing! IMGP6170  The flatbed truck was done in a day! IMGP6173  Teaching us about worm screws. IMGP6182  Happy guy! He didn't stop to eat or drink - I had to check periodically to keep him fed and hydrated!
IMGP6184 IMGP6186  At Legoland! IMGP6187  The theme park is not our style really - just no real connection to Legos. But the big store... IMGP6188  Wow!
IMGP6190  Sam and Dave were in looking for the prize Lego Technic Sam has been saving up for - A Unimog U400! IMGP6191  Meanwhile Ben, Mom and I were outside looking at the creations. IMGP6192 IMGP6193  Even Lego Elephants!
IMGP6194 IMGP6195 IMGP6197  Banzai! Here it is! The biggest Technic made. Over 2000 pieces. And quite a big $$ investment. Dave and I skimped on other things (like a night away together) to make room for this in the budget. Sam is still earning money toward it - $60 remaining in his share. IMGP6199  And Ben got a big Lego set. He actually built several cars on his own. Some of us wondered whether he'd have the focus to stick with instructions, but he really did well.
IMGP6205  Each with his own bag :) Ben really wanted his to stay straight up on the sides, like a perfect rectangle, so it required some readjustment periodically :) IMGP6206  A stop off at Coronado for lunch and feeding birds :) IMGP6207  Back in San Juan Capistrano at a neat playground. IMGP6208  And a petting zoo! We love Zoomars :)
IMGP6210  That long thing on the top of the beak folds way back up to a tiny little horn! So funny! IMGP6211 IMGP6213 IMGP6215  Ben very cautious about the goats!
IMGP6216  But loving the Jeep! IMGP6217  And the train! IMGP6220  Mom will fill in some details about this part of the zoo I am sure, but suffice to say we were both laughing hysterically most of the time in this little petting part of it. There are a whole bunch of rabbits and guinea pigs lined up around the edge under the bench, hiding, wondering who will capture them. Sam loved this huge fat hen! IMGP6224  Ben wanted nothing to do with guinea pigs.
IMGP6229  But made me go catch a huge purple bunny! It seemed friendly enough... IMGP6232  Until it went to Mom! Look at her face! The thing started spazzing and biting! IMGP6233  Freaky rabbit! IMGP6236  Meanwhile Sam was enjoying this hen who seemed quite peaceful. We saw she only had one eye and figured maybe that was why.
IMGP6238  See? This one seems to be missing. IMGP6239  What are they saying to us? "Time to wrap it up" or something? Look at Dave with Grownup Eagle, who declined to go in. He was too tempted to eat bunnies. IMGP6242  Ben deciding it might be fun to feed a bunny. But not touch it. IMGP6244  Cute Daddy and Eagle :)
IMGP6246  Pedro the Pig was a big hit with Ben. He stood there and studied him for a long time. IMGP6249  Still studying Pedro :) IMGP6252  Dave and I at the mission in SJC. IMGP6253  We both love missions, and flowers, and gardens, and mission style homes, restaurants, chips and salsa...
IMGP6255 IMGP6256  The gardens were cool - functional and pretty. IMGP6257  Poles for beans! IMG 6384  Fantastic dinner grilled up by Dave - thank you! Such great corn, too.
IMG 6385 IMG 6581  Building time on the lanai after morning adventures :) IMG 6386  This is how I kept Sam hydrated while building! :) IMGP6258  Now we are at DISNEYLAND!!! Can you believe it? Me who really doesn't like expensive theme parks, or crowds!? We really got into it and had a great time. Many thanks to Mom and Richard who treated us and had a great time with us.
IMGP6259  The first ride! Ben was really looking forward to Autopia. IMGP6260  Richard not so sure about me driving. And we both had to go to the bathroom! Seriously! "Are we there yet?" No bathroom in the line for the ride...and I contemplated pulling over. Kidding! IMGP6263  Whoa! IMG 6450
IMGP6264  Ben in his sportscar :) IMG 6453  Ben watching Jedi warrior training with rapt attention! His face was SO funny - mom caught a video of it for us to enjoy later :) IMG 6455  The tea cup ride Mom and I remember so well! You spin the cups with a wheel in the middle of the cup - you can get it going really fast that way such that your head feels like it will spin off! IMG 6459  Yay for Daddy finding cotton candy!
IMGP6271  Trying to get King Arthur's sword out. IMGP6274  Mom and I were looking forward to two things: Tea Cup ride and It's a Small World. IMGP6276  The other menfolk were not as moved by It's a Small World. Ben said "When are we going to be out of here and back in the sun?" IMGP6279  Dave said the small dolls scared him.
IMGP6280 IMGP6281  The Jungle Cruise was Richard's favorite ride I think. IMGP6285  Such lifelike animals! And moving people talking and stuff! Pretty cool, still, even with all the animated things kids are used to today. IMGP6286  Dave ended up walking with two boys most of the time. Such a good daddy.
IMGP6287  Caught a funny face of Richard with the castle and flowers in the background. IMGP6288  Ah yes! The ride we've been waiting for! Dave opted out of this. He says he doesn't do anything that spins, floats, drops, rolls, or climbs. No coasters. IMGP6289  The entrance was pretty compelling. IMGP6291  Space Mountain was a lot of fun - very dark inside and some good twists and turns. At one point little Ben, who just made the cutoff, was going "Uhhh...Mom?" then "Uhhhh...MOM!?" The ride stopped at that point and I asked what Ben was wanting to know - he said "When are we going to be back out of here?" Sam loved the ride and wanted to do it again. This shot is on our way back to New Orleans square for lunch. Richard ordered a Monte Cristo. My goodness is that good- I got a taste and it's a good thing I didn't order that!
IMGP6293  Dave and I both enjoyed Frontierland. Dave is a great shot! IMGP6296  Nice boat ride just before lunch. IMGP6297 IMGP6301  And afterwards we were all hankering for some dessert - for dinner! We had ice cream sundaes at Farrell's!
IMGP6303  A balloon maker created some neat things for the boys :) IMGP6305  Sam requested a stand for his penguin to sit on his head - huh? He is so funny! IMGP6310  Atttack Penguin! carousel 1  Mom and Richard took the boys to a cute little zoo while Dave and I escaped for a half day date down in San Diego's Balboa Park. Can you even believe the animals they found on this carousel to ride?
carousel 2  SOOO funny! I couldn't believe it when I saw this one! IMG 6508  Ben got to see this eagle up close! IMG 6507  And a HUGE eagle's nest! IMG 6515  Anteaters, too! We could have used those guys in Hawaii! (Right Ang and Tam?!!!)
IMG 6541  A spinning coin thing was very interesting. IMG 6545  Ben slid these two statues apart so he could have a seat, too. Then he ran inside to get a remote control so he could talk on the phone. Richard found him Gramma's iPhone! :) IMG 6576  The neighbors, Jim and Sally, had a go-cart built for their 7 yr old grandson, so we kinda had to just test it out and see how it did. Dave really enjoyed it, so did Richard and Sam! Ben got to steer all by himself, too! IMG 6577  When I took my final spin a couple dogs came running out and I panicked a bit wondering what to do about the large black attack dogs- straight through? Turn on a dime? I was right down at nose height! It all worked out ok :) They were scared of me! ha ha :)
IMGP6319  Easter egg hunt! Complete with bunny powder, too! I told the boys I was pretty sure I saw something big hop over that far wall, and sure enough there was white bunny powder with footprints heading that direction! IMG 6587 IMGP6321  Egg! IMGP6324
eggs  See all the great artistry? The best ones are done by Dave! IMGP6325  Look what Daddy made! It's EAGLE! IMGP6326  Daddy having some coffee and contemplating how in the world his wife could still believe in the Easter Bunny, and reindeer on the roof... IMGP6327  But, I think he came around with this compelling evidence. Not only did we find fresh droppings (raccoon most likely, lest you think I've totally lost it!) but Sam stepped in it!!! Nice :)
IMGP6328  We found 11 eggs. I forgot that I'd hidden 12. Dave found the last egg a few hours later. Additional proof that the Easter Bunny exists and was really the one to hide the eggs :) IMG 6613  Showing Ben the finished Unimog U400 - complete with pneumatic pumps and articulating wheels! IMG 6606  Standing room only at this special 90-min Easter Sunday mass. Nice to have mom with us, and thanks to Richard for valet service! IMGP6333  Our last night in CA was spent at the Navy Lodge on Coronado. What a nice NICE place! I forgot how amazing that beach is. It was a special 90 min on the beach for sunset with Gramma and Richard. Mom and I had so much fun taking pictures of the boys playing in the sand. Poor Ben had a cold, but that didn't stop him. The Groucho Marx sand stache cracked me up...hence the picture before a wipe-up.
IMGP6334  They were rolling down the dunes - many many times! Lots of sand in the pockets to save for later. IMGP6336  The cabanas are where we celebrated the first B.O.B. (Bird on the Beach) in 2004. Such a memorable time. IMGP6339  This picture is so funny!!!! IMGP6341  The new Lodge. And a relaxed guy having a great time.
IMGP6342  More rolling down the dune! IMGP6344  They just couldn't get enough of it! Second front tooth coming in, too. Big teeth on that guy! IMGP6351  Funny times! Thanks for all the laughs and love, mom! IMGP6352  This is another one that cracks me up. Just lounging up there before rolling again!
IMGP6353  And the landing :) IMGP6354 IMGP6365  My policy is sunset self-portrait smooches if you find yourself at the beach at sunset. See how I had to wrangle Dave? IMGP6366  Mom took this nice one :)
IMGP6367  The End. That was such a nice 9 days! Time to head home to the little farmstead and check on our hens. Our sweet neighbors took great care of them. IMAG1551 IMAG1552 IMAG1555
IMAG1556 IMAG1557 IMAG1561 IMAG1562
IMAG1564 IMAG1565 IMAG1566 IMAG1568
IMAG1569 IMAG1573 IMAG1574 IMAG1575
IMAG1577 IMAG1578 IMAG1579 IMAG1580
IMAG1581 IMAG1582 IMAG1583 IMAG1584
IMAG1585 IMAG1586 IMAG1587 IMAG1588
IMAG1589 IMAG1590 IMAG1591 IMAG1593
IMAG1597 IMAG1598