2012-03 MAR

VIDEO0032 IMAG1424  Sam's artwork displayed at a competition - the two Spirographs at the bottom left. One is a collage. He was bummed he didn't win anything, but it was a good experience to talk about it. No one knows how many hours and hours went into those Spirographs! IMAG1428  Then over to a symphony - this is waiting to be seated. We decided not to climb trees as we thought we might get in trouble...so this is what we did instead. Jump ferns! IMAG1429  And get goofy! Daddy was working this weekend.
IMAG1430  A little flower for mommy :) IMAG1431  Trying and trying to get a picture with my boys! To no avail. IMAG1432 IMAG1434  In the symphony now. Ben leaned waaaay down at one point and took a look at the lady in front of us. She turned and looked at him very quizzically. I thought it was funny and so did he - a big broad smile at her. It wasn't returned much :)
IMAG1436  The bassist way over to the right was a big hit. We went up and met her during intermission. Ben likes the bass. I turn up the bass in the truck when we listen to Beethoven and  he feels the vibration in the side of the door. She let him feel her bass when she strummed. Pretty cool! IMAG1437  Cookies for good boys afterwards! It was a 2 hr performance. IMAG1438  Just nibbling along the top of his ferry and carrying it through town on this very blustery, cold day. IMAG1439  Then back to the art show to see who won. It was a busy Sunday afternoon.
IMAG1441  Mommy on a mission to figure out what that bone is on the right. I thought it was a claw but was told by a nice guy at the Wildlife Shelter it was definitely part of a jaw. Then to the vet, who concurred and figured out it was canine. Most likely a baby seal. We could also see where the foramena were for the nerves which innervate the teeth. Interesting because I'd just been to the dentist... IMAG1442  Preschool at home for Ben! He thinks he has all the answers so he is a bit of a difficult student. He does not need to learn, but thankfully Grownup Eagle and Penguin are good students! IMAG1445  He enjoys teaching them. He knows just about all of his capital letters. Doing well. IMAG1446  Then some drilling!
IMAG1447  Very persistent! IMAG1449  All done, mom! Look what I did! IMAG1450  Funny man. Such a performer! IMAG1451  Baguettes made for teachers - not bad!
IMAG1452  Driving home from swimming early in the morning before daylight savings time - sun rising! IMAG1454  Football time! IMAG1456  Ben at the dentist. He was SO good! Excellent direction following, which I thought was a challenge for him. Apparently not when he focuses. IMAG1457  Now at the treasure chest. They studied and studied! Sam was down there for 5 minutes digging and evaluating the options!
IMAG1458  Collecting eggs with the basket I used as a GIRL! So neat. IMAG1459  The amaryllis is growing again! IMAG1461  Visiting our friend Olaf and getting to check out his lab. He uses a microscope to evaluate pathogens which are affecting trees and plants. IMAG1463  There's Olaf and our friend Tami!
IMAG1469  Off to Ft Flagler to check out camping options. IMAG1470  Blustery beach! IMAG1473  Then to Pt Townsend for lunch and SHAKES! IMAG1474  Sam loves HollyRamona :)
IMAG1475  She is such a factory of sweet! IMAG1477  Doing some trail work. Ben continues to love the axe Tito Pig made for him. It gets a lot of use! IMAG1478  We were all exhausted from blasting out a new trail. I brought snacks out in this little container which is what I use for chicken scratch. (The snacks were candies - all wrapped up! Naughty naughty mommy!) The boys LOVED hanging out on the driveway and feeding on candy in the sun! So much naughtiness. IMAG1480  My marketing list, with Decimal Dan" off to the side. He only has 1.5 pants.
IMAG1481  Doug and Mary - another favorite present continuing to get good use! IMAG1483  Taking Snakie and Racky to the seamstress to get all stitched up. IMAG1484  And Sam at his lesson with Randy. Thought you'd enjoy seeing him there. IMAG1486
IMAG1498  Busy day - then to an assembly on Flight. It was VERY well done! Ben is such a good boy to come to all these things and watch. Eagle is quite absorbed, too, can you see? IMGP6013  We found a long-toed salamander yesterday out in the woods! So Sam created a wonderful habitat for him and found him a worm early this morning before school to feed him breakfast. Such a responsible guy. IMGP6014  We're trying to keep him happy and healthy for sharing day on Friday. IMGP6017  Just like catching lizards in Hawaii. Dave thought we should do some research before handling these things, but I did check some herpetology websites before we moved and didn't recall seeing anything poisonous, so of course we just picked him right up.
IMAG1500  How to do a proper compost! IMAG1501  Instructions. This is at the library. IMAG1502  Uh oh! Hummer is stuck in the ditch, just like the big trucks up on the road (workers who are building the new school). IMAG1503  Apple fritter at Bay Hay!
IMAG1506  This is how the world looks if you are a chicken. IMAG1508  And this is Merlin. IMAG1509  Holly Ramona :) IMAG1510  Roosting! I moved the stumps into the fire pit area so we could sit under the plum tree just like the chickens.
IMAG1504  The Family Science Night! This is Greg, the STEM coordinator, putting up a life-size dino! IMAG1505  Helpers! IMAG1512  Family science night. This is Dave's table. He was one of the volunteers. Dave and his fellow volunteers made a demo of how roots grow. IMAG1513  District Superintendent came, too.
IMAG1516  Measuring a dino foot then re-creating it to scale. IMAG1515 IMAG1518  Good turnout! IMAG1519
IMAG1520 IMAG1521  Ben had to haul himself up to see anything! IMAG1523  Hairy head! IMAG1524  Can you find the cute chorus frog? We really hear them at night.
IMAG1525  After a day cutting trails :) Nice hair, huh? I look like a chia pet! IMAG1528  All the neighbor friends building a fort! chickens having porridge  Chickens eating porridge!