2012-02 FEB

IMAG1255  This is my list of activities for Sam's birthday. Ended up in the Feb picture pile. Oh well. I am on the phone with Air China as I type helping a friend rearrange her flight home from Mongolia. IMAG1258  The amaryllis that Mom and Richard got us in bloom! IMAG1259  Ben helping me count the change for Pennies for Peace. We raised $12.18! IMAG1260  The kids who came to Sam's party donated the spare change instead of presents. They bought 1,218 pencils!
IMAG1261  A friend over playing with Sam's Spirograph. IMAG1262  This is recess time at our house. Very typical afternoon. All kinds of stuff littered all over the yard. IMAG1264  Football time... IMAG1265  Pushing the pickup truck like Tim Tebow.
IMAG1267  "He pushes it backwards, TOO! Like THIS!" IMAG1269  A fun present from Nana and PopPop. IMAG1271  Out at a beach for a walk and look who we found! Baby seal! IMAG1275  We had so much fun at Point No Point. Sam found this incredibly long kelp frond that he then dragged down the beach...
IMAG1276  And up 30 stairs to a trail across a bluff... IMAG1277  After a 1/2 mile hike we decided it would be funny to coil it up like a snake! Dave kept hearing something behind us...the "snake" following us. So it will be funny to see if anyone else notices this great Pacific NW Kelp Snake in the tree. IMAG1278  Here it is! IMAG1280
IMAG1281  Messing around with Daddy :) IMAG1284  The most incredible forts! IMAG1287 IMAG1289  So nice to be out in the sun. 46 degrees feels heavenly!
IMAG1292  "This is my AXE!" IMAG1293  Looking for something to chop. IMAG1295  A strange little whirlpool made by a depression in the sand. IMAG1296  Awww...the axe broke after chopping.
IMAG1297  That is Rainier way out there. IMAG1298  More chopping at home! IMAG1301  Tito Pig - this is a really fantastic present! IMAG1302  Out on a hysterical walk with our friend Beth and her son Beckett.
IMAG1305  Rowing! IMAG1306  Waiting for haircuts - Sam is reading about the Brooklyn Bridge. This is reading level 8+. Such a great guy. We were all so absorbed in the story. IMAG1307  Ben loves getting hair cuts. IMAG1309  Sam blew up their balloons for them! Now we're in the market and they have the crazies. Oh boy!
IMAG1310  On my way home from swimming in the early am - got to see Mt. Rainier! SO pretty. IMAG1311  Sam walking off the school bus with a play date. His first time on a school bus. Of course he's ridden all kinds of other buses. IMGP6002  Sam tying a double carrick bend sennet bracelet for his teacher. IMGP6003  He is so unreal. He can flip this complicated knot and do it perfectly in reverse!
IMGP6004 2012 Feb 14 double carrick bend sennet bracelet  Here you can see the whole process. He is such a neat boy. IMAG1313  Out on a walk on a beach after dropping Daddy off at the ferry to catch a flight to Japan for an inspection. IMAG1314  The water is cold, but brave Sam says "Nah, it's not really that cold."
IMAG1315  Carrying home bricks to make our own fire pit. We are nuts - we carried SIX BRICKS around for over a mile! IMAG1316  Yeah, boy! IMAG1317  And found this bone, too. Any guesses what it is? I have my money on bird bone, but the claw looks very very small for an eagle unless it's a juvenile I guess. IMAG1319  Then we found a playground.
IMAG1321  And more chopping back at the firepit. IMAG1322  This is Ben's microphone :) He is singing to the chickens! IMAG1323  Who are busy eating! IMAG1324  Then he pulls up his wagon to watch and admire them.
IMAG1326  While Sam does some roping on the tree. IMAG1327  This is Sam's Brooklyn Bridge, complete with suspender wires, anchorages and approaches. IMAG1328  The whole fleet of Celtic heart knots made for classmates. IMAG1329  They looked like this.
IMAG1330  Silly guy out on a walk with me in the rain to pick up Dave's car from the shop. IMAG1331  Building a "hide"... IMAG1333  for Eagle. IMAG1334  Preschool time for Ben with mommy!
IMAG1336  Making an "A" out of a mountain (we went to see "avalance mountain" - a big sand structure Sam and his buddies were building at school). IMAG1337  Teaching Grownup Eagle, too :) IMAG1339  He is so strong! He helps drag it out to the road when full, too! IMAG1340  I broke another chicken coop window! I'm getting ok at glazing ;0
IMAG1341  Getting the mail is a favorite activity. IMAG1343  Followed by funny face time! IMAG1345 IMAG1346
IMAG1353  Keeping predators away while the chickens have recess. IMAG1358  Eagle and Merlin eyeing each other. IMAG1359  Ben at an indoor gym for play time. We haveonly been once but it is a favorite place for Island families, esp when it's wet out. IMAG1362  From inside - so cute to see him communing with his chickens. He spends a lot of time watching them and talking to them.
IMAG1363  At E Day (Engineering Day) at the submarine museum. This is making an electromagnet. IMAG1364  Sam and Dad had a good time working together. IMAG1365  All done! Picking up a big string of paper clips! IMAG1366
IMAG1367  Now building a big cantilever to hold up 100g weight. The longest one out from the table won the informal contest. Sam and Dad tied for first! IMAG1369  There it is! IMAG1370  Measuring distance out, minus distance it bent down. IMAG1372  Team Merlin at bottom :) In fairness, I think you can see which teams had a parent help, and which didn't.
IMAG1373  Ben guarding the hens while Sam and I worked out front sawing up a bunch of wood. IMAG1375  New cover for the run! IMAG1376  At the playground :) IMAG1377  Bruno out having fun! This was the best 52 cents I think I've ever spent. Bruno came from a thrift store. Ben named him. If you scoot back to Feb 2011 and look at photos and videos from Hawaii, Bruno was racing up and down the beach park, barely dodging bikini-clad ladies!
IMAG1378  There he goes! He is on a dead run with Bruno. Very funny when he wipes out in MUD! ICK! IMAG1382  Down at the docks to see friend Hannah rowing on her team. IMAG1386 IMAG1387  Starfish!
IMAG1389  There's a shell! IMAG1391  Thanks for the egg basket from my childhood, mom! The boys were so intrigued to know that I had used it as a child! IMAG1396  So happy making dust baths in some spring sunshine! They were nuts about their under-coop baths on this particular morning. All crowding and crowding down there! IMAG1400  Is this a hen? Or a rooster?
IMAG1401  Another look. IMAG1403  What are they? Iridescent feathers on neck, but more shaped like a hen and no crowing yet. Hmmm...three wee kings, or queens? Hoping queens, obviously! IMAG1407  Guesses? IMAG1408  Kinda "roostery" stance there...
IMAG1409  Out on a bike/run last weekend. It was gorgeous out! IMAG1410  Ben tackled hills all on his own. And Sam is so trustworthy on a bike. He's been at it for a long time. What a guy. IMAG1413  So cute! IMAG1414  This is the street where Sam learned to walk! He used to get out of the stroller here when he was so little and I'd walk him on chubby legs down this street then jog back to the playground.
IMAG1415  And here he is now! IMAG1417  Mommy! IMAG1419  Mountains off in the distance across the water - too bad cell phone camera not great, and cars about to come! IMAG1420  The sky was amazing! Looks like sand rippling in ocean water!
IMAG1421  And ice cream after 1.5 hours at the playground! We were outside ALL afternoon. They said it felt like they were at the playground for 5 hours - that's just what I'd hoped they'd feel like - an endless day at the playground. IMG-20120218-00062  A Friday bonfire :) That's our neighbor Beth and her kids :) Matt and Melodie were over, too! IMGP6008  After a long afternoon with my favorite tool - the MACHETE! I had just taken out some blackberry. And Sam and I had gone to town on some downed trees out front. Sam worked the bow saw all by himself earning money toward the much-desired Unimog! IMGP6010  I have bugs and dirt in my hair and can barely stand up! Dave took this through the window :)