2012-01 JAN

Sam's 7th bday

Getting ready for Sam's party...

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IMAG1149  On a jaunt through Poulsbo! IMAG1150  Learning how to do the double carrick bend sennet from a stone mason who also knows a lot about boating! We made it a special mission this day to get to the bottom of this knot so Sam could make a belt. IMAG1154  Snuggling with Daddy in front of the fire. IMAG1157  Popping out to scare Gramma!
IMAG1159  Benji wanted to show us how he can bike with ONE HAND! IMAG1160 IMAG1161 IMAG1162
IMAG1164 IMAG1167 IMAG1169  A trip to the Seattle Aquarium IMAG1170  Ferry breakfast!
IMAG1172 IMAG1182  First of what I hope will be an annual picture of my men so we can see how big the boys are getting compared to Daddy! IMAG1187  For my brother :) IMAG1188  A beautiful, sunny day in Seattle!
IMAG1192  Pike Place Market still has its Christmas finery on. IMAG1193 IMAG1194  Lunch! IMAG1196  Everyone was so beat on the way home!
IMAG1197  What I look like after working all day outside on the "farm" :) IMAG1198  Dave thought this was an especially cute look. A Euro/Flashdance/Lumberjack look. I was chopping and stacking wood. New Years 2012 ADK hiker gang  My dear friends in Saratoga New York called me on New Year's Day! : New Years 2012 IMAG1205
IMAG1206 IMAG1207 IMAG1208 IMAG1209
IMAG1210 window glazing1  MOMMY managed to break a window with a rogue football kick! window glazing2  So I'm learning to glaze with my assistants :) window glazing4
IMGP5755  Taking some family pictures in our Skene tartans :) IMGP5756  Nice shot of our photographer friend! marble run  The marble runs are intricate. Sam builds them from pictures on the box. Sometimes he can detect when they're just slightly off and gets very upset. I told him that grown-ups have a very hard time stepping back from their work and being critical, so that is a very good skill. The key is to not get so upset that you can't discern what the problem is. He should be very proud that he can detect flaws, because that is the first step in mastery. gear assembly  And some gear creations made just before bed.
Bens castle  Ben's castle is a huge hit. They are reading and listening to the story of David and Goliath right now, so battles are figuring prominently in Ben's play and imagination. Can you see anyone peeking out? IMAG1215  Gave myself a haircut! IMAG1217  I rather like it! IMGP5758  Dave took this one when he came home. He didn't know I'd done it myself. Now that he knows, he won't rave about it because he doesn't want to condone such behavior.
IMAG1219  A box robot complete with mouth port for feeding. IMAG1220  Out on a bike/jog! IMAG1221  Determined to do hills on his own :) IMAG1222  I keep a list of what we need on a white board then take a picture of it to go to the market.
IMAG1223  Out on a hike with another gal and her kids after school. Found a "hidden" pond not on maps. IMAG1227 IMAG1228  Sam's tree that he planted two months ago. IMAG1229  And Ben's.
IMAG1231  The mulch pile is always fun! IMAG1232  Showing Dad his first ever paper - topic was The Sun. It is 511 words. He dictated it to me. IMGP5762  Peering in at Dave preparing some hot chocolate for the boys on their first morning with snow flakes! IMGP5765  Can you see them coming down?
IMGP5774  Reminds me of 6 years ago in Poulsbo, showing Sam his first flakes :) IMGP5776  There they are! IMGP5778  Chickens say  - huh? IMGP5784  Now showing Ben, too :)
IMGP5785 IMAG1233 IMGP5789  The next morning it'd gotten cold enough for it to stick. We were all so happy! When the first flakes came down on Sat morning (yesterday), Sam and I had been out playing football and we noticed them on our collars. IMGP5791  Sam and Ben peering out from their room on Sunday morning, noticing a BLANKET of snow!
IMGP5795  Wow! IMGP5796  This was a precious moment - he had already gotten his boots and gloves on first thing in the morning to help me with the chickens and see the snow. He beat me to getting outside. When I got on the porch, here he was, in a moment of quiet, enjoying the flakes. IMGP5797  First snow ball :) IMGP5798  Ha!
IMGP5799  Trying to see them coming down. IMGP5801  Merlin has been frisky lately. He hasn't liked it when Sam picks up Holly Ramona. He pecked Sam's leg and flapped his wings. I think Merlin sees Sam as another rooster and is protecting  his hen. I told Sam that one day he, too, will go through a period of real friskiness when he is emerging into manhood. I think I see glimpses of that already. IMGP5802  Sam has a pretty good spiral already. Working on kicking and catching. It is such fun to play with him! IMGP5805  A wallk in the woods with the dramatic king. Ben is just too much. Here he is walking with his finger on his chin, pretending like he doesn't want to come in the woods with us, but actually he does. This guy...
IMGP5806  Flakes caught on a leaf! IMGP5808  The leaves are crunchy - frozen under our feet. It was 28 last night. IMGP5810  The house dozing. IMGP5811  The big big maple where the raccoon liked to sleep in the summer.
IMGP5813  Hi Ben! IMGP5816  Ben and Daddy on a walk in the woods before French toast breakfast. IMGP5821  Another moment caught unawares. Marching back with Daddy to the house. IMGP5823  The spirograph mom and Richard found for Christmas is such a great present. This one dates to 1967. They managed to find an original. I love it! There are drawings from a kid 40 years ago (or maybe only 3 yrs but I prefer to think the original drawings were made long ago and that child is now perhaps a parent). Sam and my drawings are in the foreground, the vintage ones on the original paper in the background. Here again, Sam gets very upset with imperfection. It presented another teaching moment - that we are all imperfect, and yet God loves us, and we love each other despite our flaws. The flaws actually remind me of the difficulty in striving for perfection - how pretty is a perfect creation really? A bit boring I think. When you see a pen go off course once it reminds you of the care that had to be taken to create every flawless orbit.
IMGP5825  Making the cover of his birthday invitation. IMGP5826  Later in the afternoon it snowed and snowed! The temperature dropped 8 degrees in as many minutes! IMGP5827  Snowing again! IMGP5828  The woods are so pretty in the snow.
IMGP5829  This is our backyard - the fern glen. IMGP5830  Looking back toward the car port and house. IMGP5832  Dave trying to get me with a snow ball :) IMGP5834  I'm in with the chickens looking out at Ben :)
IMGP5836 IMGP5837 IMGP5839 IMGP5840
IMGP5842 IMGP5843 IMGP5844 IMGP5846
IMGP5847 IMGP5848 IMGP5850 IMGP5851
IMGP5854 IMGP5855 IMGP5858 IMGP5860
IMGP5863 IMGP5864 IMGP5865 IMGP5867
IMGP5868 IMGP5870 IMGP5871 IMAG1234  Buying some snow gear :)
IMGP5872  Out at Battle Pt park for some saucering! IMGP5874  The monkey's fist knot. Great stopper knot for necklaces, bracelets, and a good weight for a heaving line. See next video. IMGP5879  Explaining how to heave a line! IMGP5882  Dave did a lot of organizing work over the holiday weekend. These cubes on top of our organizer were filled with select pictures from our 10 years together. Quite a project to sift through, choose, and print. Thank you, Dave!
IMGP5883  Out on a hike with Ben on Tuesday as the snow keeps coming! IMGP5887  He would like this little picnic area to be where he has his 4th birthday party. IMGP5889  I agree - great idea! IMGP5890  Ben would like his cake to be about 12" in cube shape (1 cubic foot), blue, with purple B on top, white icing between layers of chocolate cake. Think I can remember that?
IMGP5891 IMGP5894  Looking out at a container ship. He built one out of Legos later in the evening. IMGP5896 IMAG1236
IMAG1237  It rains more than snows here, so we are in layer upon layer, topped with water-proof shell. I have gotten some grief for making him look like a rubber duck, but hey it's expensive to outfit in snow gear, even at consignment stores! IMGP5899  Cleaning Daddy's car off :) IMGP5900  Out on sleds going down to a neighborhood trail where there will be some hills. IMGP5901  Can you see the sheep? Center of frame there are two.
IMGP5902 IMGP5903  More trails! IMGP5904 IMGP5905  Excellent for X country skiing later. I am in HEAVEN!
IMGP5906  Checking the phone for work related info. IMGP5907  Ben takes a turn on the saucer in a natural amphitheater. Which means I am spotting so he doesn't run into a tree! IMGP5908  Dave's turn :) IMGP5909  Walking back home now so we can refuel and get my X country skis out.
IMGP5910  Ooops! Boys are NOT used to having cold faces and hands. IMGP5911  But they are loving the snow. Sam especially. He is always gung ho for anything. Ben tends to be dramatic until he gets over whatever it was that took him by surprise. IMGP5913  Mommy is so so so happy to be out with snowflakes on her face and her boys with her. Wanting to move back to Upstate NY now so this is right outside our door all the time. IMGP5914  Apparently this is an epic storm. No snow at all last year. First freezing rain event layered over snow since 1996. First real accumulation since 2008. But I haven't read much on the stats - have been out all day playing!
IMGP5915  This is a good workout - over a mile  uphill! IMAG1241  Another snow day?! Wow! IMAG1242  Out on skis now! I have some funny mental images of me grabbing blackberry bushes for dear life before sailing into a tree. These are not X Country ski trails. They are ungroomed hilly single track trails with lots of opportunity for great fun if you happen to be coordinated and know how to steer your skis (I can't quite remember)! I haven't been on skis in 10 years, but it was SOOOO much fun! I was just laughing and laughing, even when I toppled into a ditch at the very end of my run. As I was untangling myself from blackberry and crossed skis, a car went by. I am sure they were wondering what the heck I was laughing about! I had been out all day hauling boys on the sled, fueling up with a bowl of soup and half a beer, then back out, just deliriously happy to be in the snow again. It is so peaceful and beautiful, the cool flakes on your warm face from working so hard. All our northeast hiking gear works really great here - totally warm and dry. You can go for hours with right gear. I just should have eaten more maybe and I wouldn't have toppled over :) IMAG1245  Snow man!
IMAG1246 IMGP5917  Neat mail box, don't you think? IMGP5918 IMGP5920
IMGP5921  The top of Lovgreen hill! IMGP5924  Off to go sledding! IMGP5925  This pickup truck shuttled kids from the bottom back up to the top! IMGP5926  Off we go! I am nervous!
IMGP5927  We made it! A bunch of 360s all the way down at 20+ mph! IMGP5929  Another guy on his way down. IMAG1247  Out on a crazy jaunt with mom to measure just how big Lovgreen hill is - the one we sled down the day before. IMAG1248  We have GPS in hand and measured top to bottom - 219 feet change in elevation!
IMAG1249  This shirt reminded me of a dear friend :) She loved it :) IMAG1250  Ben made this design and said it was a hand. I totally see it! IMAG1251  Eating school lunch after visiting Sam. He was SO thrilled about the apple, the applesauce, the potato, everything. He told Dad all about it. IMAG1253  A tea party with school district personnel to talk about the new STEM program. Mom, see the amaryllis?
IMGP5930 IMGP5931  Tracking a raccoon on our property! IMGP5934  And a chickadee! IMGP5978
IMGP5983 IMGP5984 IMGP5985 IMGP5986
IMGP5988 IMGP5990