beach morning

RMT 1416  On Richard's last weekend before leaving Hawaii, he brought his awesome camera down to the beach to capture Krugs in action. We are so thankful for his 400+ candids that we kept many of them! Enjoy flipping through to see a "typical" Saturday morning with the water boys. RMT 1426  Maybe I can surf a boogie board? RMT 1429  Outrigger canoe races just offshore. RMT 1439  Ben has no fear - he boogie boards very well now and a huli every now and then is par for the course. I am always right nearby so he can't get too crazy, though!
RMT 1449  Thought this was a sweet moment, both of us talking to or comforting a boy. RMT 1454  Dave went to get coffee - nice hubby! RMT 1461 RMT 1466
RMT 1469 RMT 1510 RMT 1517 RMT 1521  Collecting coffee :)
RMT 1524  Getting out on my SUP! RMT 1532  Always spare the coffee, man! RMT 1534 RMT 1536
RMT 1540 RMT 1541 RMT 1545 RMT 1556  Practicing big yelling? Not sure - will have to ask him!
RMT 1559 RMT 1560 RMT 1566 RMT 1567  These two boys are slowly becoming good buddies. I really didn't think the day would come, but I can see it emerging gradually now. It's a delight to watch.
RMT 1573  All four of us in one frame! Amazing! RMT 1579 RMT 1580  I like leaning into a headwind much better than floating downwind. RMT 1584  Good coaching, dad :)
RMT 1588 RMT 1591 RMT 1593 RMT 1618  Now we're trying to stage a picture - JUST ONE PICTURE - of the four of us. Enjoy watching this effort! Ha!
RMT 1629 RMT 1635 RMT 1641 RMT 1645
RMT 1646 RMT 1664  Talking about - "Do we REALLY have to sell our house? What about renting it? What are we thinking selling a piece of this place? Will we ever be able to afford to come back?" RMT 1681 RMT 1707
RMT 1708  Thanks again, Richard, for helping us capture some of these moments!