tsunami bailout hike

IMGP3383 IMGP3386 IMGP3387 IMGP3389
IMGP3390 IMGP3391 IMGP3394 IMGP3395
IMGP3398 IMGP3400  Squeezing in a local hike one morning with our friends. We're in the midst of all manner of moving-related chores, but it was great to be on the trail again! IMGP3401  Tam and Cam! Ben is practicing his shaka :) IMGP3403  The view over toward Kaneohe Bay.
IMGP3404  After another wipeout, Ben is shaking it off and Tamara is cracking up behind him. He is very funny when he wipes out. He does everything with such vigor! (He is not hurt here, just being vocal about the frustration.) IMGP3405  Very sweaty little hog! IMGP3407  Olomana in the distance, and the Ko'olaus shrouded by low clouds. IMGP3409  Taking a "picture" of mommy :)
IMGP3412  Camden took this picture of us :) IMGP3413  Such funny faces! IMGP3415  Big mountain bike jumps for BIG boys! IMGP3416
IMGP3417  Pretty steep, and possibly rickety. The moms are going "OK! Time to come on down now!"