IMGP3422  Ben wanted a big monster truck tailgate for a birthday party so that's what we did! My friend Giji has a big black pickup truck, so she piled her kids in and brought the party truck over to a beach trailhead. While waiting for her, it started raining, so we all piled into the Xterra. The boys are in the very back, playing! L1070483 L1070494  Reading some new books from Camden. IMGP3427  Giving Ben a real 3 yr old working over!
L1070506  At last, Giji is here and the party can really get into high gear! L1070511 L1070513 L1070522
L1070537  Little Siah watches through the window at the party in back :) L1070548  Then off to the beach to wash all the sugar off! L1070552  In his "hot tub" after his party :) L1070559  Moving huge pieces of rock to build a foundation for a building. This is how the Hawaiians built Kawaiahao church in Honolulu over 100 years ago. It is entirely of quarried coral, hauled a great distance. This took real teamwork by Sam and me.
L1030239  Ben gave me this nice piece of smooth coral for a "pwesent". L1030241 collage  Application version: 1.1.2009.0130 IMGP3428  Then out to Taco Bell for a gourmet lunch with mom and dad.
IMGP3429  A dino from Giji and her kids :) IMGP3434  Does he eat meat? Or veggies? Ben says his tail itches.