IMGP2402  These tide pools are covered by sand until the winter swells clear them out. We went at low tide yesterday to explore them and welcome them back. Thank you for the great shots, Dave! IMGP2412  What a life, huh? Behind Sam the swells are nice for surfers. IMGP2414  Sam dragging the rope around that he's been working with. He's been into ropes - tying different knots, making shapes and nets in the backyard. I'm mostly happy for him until I get strangled by a dragnet ;0 IMGP2415  The algae covering the lava shelf.
IMGP2419  Ben and I are in the far left background exploring a small Ben-sized tide pool while Sam does his own exploring. IMGP2423  Found one to jump into! IMGP2429  Good air, Ben! IMGP2432  Both boys jumping at once :)
IMGP2433  Ben absolutely loved it. IMGP2438  Off every side, in and out! IMGP2440  And again! Love the form on this one. IMGP2442  Now for the high dive. Brave little guy did it on his own.
IMGP2443  Shells and coral pieces caught in a small tide pool. Lots of little hermit crabs hiding out in the shells. IMGP2444  Doesn't this look like a Christmas ornament? IMGP2445  Chillaxin...rope in hand. IMGP2446