photo IMGP2342  Racing up Mokapu'u Lighthouse! Camden and Ben were real leaders on this one! And it's Camden's 4th birthday! What a way to celebrate - outdoors with your friends. IMGP2343  Go Ben! IMGP2345  Looking for whales!
IMGP2349  This is the only time they stopped! That's Ben and neighbor of Tamara's (Michael). IMGP2350  The whole gang - 5 boys age 7 or younger. What a great crew! IMGP2351  Hang gliders were cruising by the lookout, too! That's where we're going - 1.5 mi one way and 500+ ft elev. IMGP2353  Camden racing to the top so he can be King of the Mountain on his birthday!
IMGP2355  Sam being guide so he doesn't get lost or hurt. Sam was so great about that - ensuring Camden could tag the top first. IMG00018-20110111-1629 IMGP2359  Truly King of the Mountain! Each boy wanted a turn on that cement thing! IMGP2360  There's my buddy Tamara :) And the cute shorts mom got me so I don't look so shabby running all over town. I rarely drive. I'm always out pushing Ben around in the crazy green BOB stroller.
IMGP2361  Now on our way  down - they ran the whole way! Tamara and I felt like it was the running of the bulls! IMGP2370  Blurry blurry blurry as I try to keep an eye ahead and an eye behind! IMGP2372  Doing some stretches? IMGP2373  Ben saying "Hey Camden, do you have sungwasses? I have sungwasses."
IMGP2374  A nice place to relax. IMGP2375  Looking for whales. IMGP2381  The inchworm riot! He loved Joshua. IMGP2383  Transferring to Camden.
IMGP2385  And now on Sam! IMGP2386  Happy Birthday! Inchworm riot  Mom caught the squeals on video :)