Sea Life Park

photo  Trying to send Dave a picture of Ben enjoying his Sea Life Park date with mommy :) IMGP2503  A SCUBA diver is in there feeding the rays by hand! The enormous rays (10 ft across?) were so graceful and friendly to her. IMGP2507  Eating shrimp! IMGP2508  And coming to see us!
IMGP2513  Ben was really interested in the sharks. One of the books we read at night (from Jonah and Rinnah - Limu the Blue Turtle) has a blue turtle who narrowly escapes being eaten by a shark. Ben wants to point out the teeth every time we read it. Today he wanted the sharkie to open it's mouth! IMGP2518  Feeding the turtles broccoli and celery. IMGP2523  Trying to get a picture of his little face for you :) IMGP2525  Chomp!
IMGP2526  I want to go to the playground! IMGP2531  Watching penguins! IMGP2533  Dolphins playing around. IMGP2538  And a boobie cleaning up in the bird sanctuary (SLP is a refuge for injured sea birds).
IMGP2542  A pinktail triggerfish! IMGP2545  Unicorn fish! IMGP2553  A funny series of fish faces I tried to snap :) IMGP2555
IMGP2557 IMGP2558 Sea Life Park sm  If you have a couple minutes, this is a really relaxing movie to watch - the background music playing at the acquarium makes you feel like you're getting a massage underwater...or something like that. The rays are gorgeous to watch and a lot of other very common reef fish pranced by very close to us.