OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMGP0410  Here we are, about to head up. Who knows how far we'll go! Looking pretty intense from here. IMGP0411  About 300 feet up now - still feeling good! IMGP0413  Now we're on the steepest part heading to the top. Sam is checking on Gramma.
IMGP0414  There she is! Amost there! IMGP0415  Can you see the beads of sweat dripping from his sunglasses? IMGP0416  Mom made it! At the top now! IMGP0417  Admiring the view from the last bunker up there, looking down into the crater.
IMGP0419  Time for a little chat :) IMGP0420  More breezy up here, so it was nice. IMGP0421  Pretty cool! IMGP0424  Exploring in the bunker...we managed to leave a tiny penguin that we bought at an aquarium in Maui (can you believe these tiny things mean so much?) up here in the bunker we think. We're imagining what a life that tiny 1" tall penguin from Maui is thinking about having a new home up there! I'm tempted to run up and look for it...Sam and Ben both really like him. If anyone finds little grey penguin, at least have him write home to Sam, ok?
P2230021  At the top, looking down into Koko Crater. Tried to see if any plumerias were in bloom...couldn't quite see them way down there :) P2230025  Funny face! Everyone feeling good and psyched to be at the top. P2230026  Wow! Look how small Hanauma Bay looks! IMGP0425  The gears, we presume, that used to haul up the railroad cars full of equipment and people. Need to do more research on this...
P2230036  On the way down - was more tedious than the way up due to the big steps and watching footing carefully. Sam was so amazing - truly. He checked on me every couple steps, offering his hand. He learned "stick-and-step" to reinforce using his stick to help balance on the way down. No injuries, everyone just fine...I feel like a big mission was accomplished shepherding my crew. I couldn't relax until all the ducks were off the tracks. P2230043  Here we are catching up with mom at the snack spot by the bridge. Nice to find a patch of shade :) IMGP0426  Mom still smiling, with 500 more feet to go on the way down :) You look 10 years younger, mom! Is that how you feel about now? hee hee hee! IMGP0429  We did it! We're saying CRAAAATERRRR! See the tip top of the stairs in this picture?
IMGP0431  Yum! Thanks for plate lunch and shave ice, mom!!!