Valentine's Date

IMGP0266  Valentine's weekend festivities...Dave made an awesome salmon spinach salad and homemade potato salad. And we got some fun guests to come over with dessert :) IMGP0267  Boys like to be in the pictures now. IMGP0268  Thanks for dinner, Dave! Delicious! IMGP0269  Silly guys!
IMGP0271  Dave let me design this date for the holiday on Monday while mom graciously played with the kids for 8 whole hours! This is Koko Crater - 1048 stairs to climb about 1200 ft up to the top of this volcano. IMGP0273  On our way up - several stops for water and views. Fairly breezy so not horribly hot. ATT00176  Cell phone shot of our date sent home to Gramma :) IMGP0278  "Why did I do this" - indeed!
IMGP0281  It was a good climb - great workout! And the day was gorgeous - we could see all the way to the neighbor islands! IMGP0282  The southeast coast, looking back toward Makapu'u. IMGP0284  Can you see the humps of the other islands, Maui, Molokai'i, and Lana'i? IMGP0286  A panoramic view - you're looking down into the crater. There's a botanical garden inside the crater with tons of plants and trees from all over the Pacific.
DSC 0963 DSC 0965  Picture from our new friends on the hike! Thanks Stefie!!! IMGP0289  Bunkers at the top made for some interesting things to check out. This is Hawaii Kai in the background, looking toward Diamond Head. IMGP0292  Butterflies all over...
IMGP0293 IMGP0294  This does not do justice to the stairs - they are so steep you feel like you might hurl yourself right down if you go too fast. Great quad workout :) There's also a tricky little "bridge" to go over...with gaps between the railroad ties. Don't look through or you get distracted! IMGP0295  Now relaxing at the Hale Koa, mai tai in hand :) Ahhhh... IMGP0296  A quick swim, then off to our lunch date! Wow...lots to squeeze into a little time.
IMGP0299  Now out at dinner at Taormina in Waikiki - a Sicilian restaurant. I'd emailed a picture of their menu to my friend Jenni, who lives in Sicily, to ask for a consultation about what we should order. It was very good! Dave is having a great time - just prefers to not have it documented right in the restaurant :) oh well! IMGP0300  The bruschetta. YUM!!! Shrimp, scallops, sundried tomato, good! IMGP0301  Dave's Sicilian spaghetti. IMGP0303  My veal sausage pasta with cabbage and potato. Also very good!
IMGP0304  Dave cut himself on the coral while surfing the kayak the day before. He did not slit his wrist over being dragged out on an adventure date :) We met another couple who had gotten her boyfriend to do the Koko Crater hike as well. It was funny watching him haul himself up wondering why he'd agreed :) hee hee! IMGP0309  We sat on these rocking chairs for 32 seconds I think...just to say we finally had sat on them :) They are at the Moana Surfrider hotel. It's a gorgeous place. IMGP0310  Pirate ship out there! It's the Black Pearl, here as a set for the next Pirates of the Caribbean...