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PC020036  Here's Kirk's wife Susan (they are friends of Richard, mom's partner), and Chris, Dave's wife. She is my Aunt and my Dad's half-sister. PC020038  Here's Ben in the Gramma bouncer :) PC020039  Here's what he's doing. Can you tell? It's the Ben-Blur! PC020040  Saying hi to Susan. He really liked watching her and listening to her.
PC020042  And CC was a whole lot of fun, too! Nice to meet you!!! PC020043  The impromptu dinner birthday party relaxing after Dave's wonderful salmon feast. PC020044  Dave is now the BenBouncer :) ATT00023  Santa's helper!
PC050046  Mike and Angel were persuaded to pop over for Dave's birthday, too, and they brought a fabulous sugar-free cake! YUM! I think we had 10 people around our dining table :) PC050047  The king, presiding :) PC050051  Mom and Richard doing clean-up duty as Kirk and Susan enjoy one of our cookbooks. Wish we had more time to experiment in the kitchen! We love cooking, too. PC050052  Ben in the Angel bouncer bopping the balloon. Thanks, everyone, for making the day special :)
PC050055  Yes, indeed, I put a candle on for each year. I love FIRE! PC050056  Mike and Angel's cake was a bit more tame :) PC050057  Took like 37 minutes to light...Sam studying my technique as Dave grew bored. ha ha! Must have FIRE! PC050058  Almost ready!
PC050061  Beautiful Reyn Spooner aloha shirt with Christmas design. Thanks mom!!! PC060063  A trip out to Chinaman's Hat was a lot of fun and quite adventurous! PC060065  Sam loves the new kayak with a special Sam-seat up front. PC060066  Mom and Ben in the little blue tent while we went out. Funny, later mom told me that a big sewage truck or something came by (on the grass) and she realized she may have to move Ben and the tent quickly. The guys asked first "How long do you plan on being here?" and mom thought of course in terms of like minutes or hours. But she was a bit stupefied and her pause allowed them to add "How many days do you plan to be here?" Homelessness is, unfortunately, a big problem here. But I have to admit I did chuckle about Gramma in a tent looking like she might be there several days.
PC060067  Mom's little kayak waiting for me to get in. PC060070  Off we go! Love those mountains. PC060072  See the little hat? Some of you might recognize a finger painting I did of it recently... PC060073  Goofy girl.
PC060074  Off to the south side, checking out landing areas. PC060077  Not so much. PC060078  Heading back around to the little beach. Dave spotted half a dozen turtles...but despite all my looking and peering I didn't see even ONE! PC060083  This is for you, Uncle Tom!
PC060084  Snorkelers 200 feet below. PC060085  View from the top - fish ponds to the left and Kualoa Ranch off to the right where many movies have been set, including Jurassic Park and 50 First Dates. PC060086  Looking north along the windward coast. View from Chinaman's Hat  Stitched together now...
PC060088  We made it to the top! Whew! Very tricky going on two escarpments, but Sam is a good listener and keeps his cool. Dave and I did a good job communicating as well, but realized quickly if your hike includes terminology like "landing zone" (for feet) and "transfer complete" (handing child from one parent to another)...probably not quite suitable for the preschool age group. PC060092  But summits are very tempting and we thought carefully about proceeding several times. Ultimately it was fine, but we don't recommend it. PC060094  Looking south. PC060095  See the Mokes waaaayyy out there?
PC060096 PC060097  Fun times. PC060099  Great little swimming spot! PC060101
PC060011  Ben just waking up in the tent and looking at Gramma, thinking she is asleep! PC060103  Washing off the gear afterwards (?). PC060001  And trimming the tree! PC060004
PC060009 PC060014  Making ornaments out of sea glass this year. They came out really well despite this picture. PC060017  Here's one I really like. PC080025  Welcoming Matt and Melodie, friends from WA.
PC080026  Matt is a reservist about to ship out to Iraq for a year. PC080027  Wonderful friends, just amazing people. Melodie is a physical therapist with the most intense fingers - she can pry apart balled up muscle tissue like none other! Trigger points were a learning topic this trip. Matt is incomparable in other ways. Matt, like Underberg, must be experienced. (HA! I know you're reading this you crazy guy!) PC090035  Our little hiker group found a waterfall! PC090036  Dave trotted down below to take a picture of us.
PC090038  Beautiful mosses. PC090040  Nice "milky" water, Dave :) PC090044 PC090054
PC090056  Pointing out a neat banyan tree. PC100003  Somehow we manage to get great friends to visit AND clean up after dinner?! PC100005  Matt working hard :) 036  The Sam Show!
037 PC130002  Recital crashers :) PC130006  Sam is such a doll going to a concert. Ben on the other hand... PC130009  Out on a date :)
PC140002  Strange day at North Beach - huge swell brought lots of surfers, not all of them authorized. This was a sting operation. Imagine trying to get 50 surfers out of good waves for an ID check! We actually saw Kimo (of Kimo's Surf Hut) out surfing as well. That was cool. PC140009  Interesting lava flow formations. PC140012 PC140017  The formations sometimes look like sand but they're very hard!
PC140020  Good vantage point above the beach at the lifeguard station. PC140022 PC140025  Then we took a walk along the dunes and ended up at the golf course. 2008-12-15 Ben Crawling  Ben is crawling!!! He's actually up on all fours, straight-legged!
PC170002  Christmas in Hawaii is very festive due to the lack of snow :) PC170007  Checking out the lights on an impromptu run :) PC170015 PC170021  I love this one :)
Mitchell Estate  Gail and Bill checking out one of the places Obama and ohana were purported to be renting. PC180024  Good PopPop reading time! PC190030  Sam's monarch emerged from the chrysalis just after Sam went to bed! We woke him up to see the monarch and he said "How exciting!" PC200031
PC200032  Ben is up on all fours! Stong boy. He's pulling up to a stand as well. Walking soon! PC210034  A walk along the beach on base. PC210036 PC210037  These formations are cool, too!
PC210039 PC210040 PC210043  Dave and Bill hooked up with us after a round of golf. PC210048  Dave found a sweet hermit crab with blue eyes!
PC210049  Sammy is looking at the little crab :) PC210050 ATT00061  Ben loved swinging at the big base playground. PC220058  Laughing and laughing at Dave and Sam playing.
PC220060 PC220064 PC220065 PC220067
PC230001  Look who I bumped into at Kalapawai! A real secret service agent!!!! WOW! So exciting! Look at my boys' faces, though :)  I told him to look real tough for my picture. PC230002  Gail got a snuggly shot :) This Eric - he was SO nice. PC230005  Grabbing some sun on the beach. PC230006  Building a turtle together.
PC230008  Nana and PopPop arrive for the holidays!!! PC230014 PC230015 PC230023
PC230025  Ben sleeping amidst wind and rain splatter. PC230026  Nice honu! PC230030  Gail taught Sam dribble sand castles... PC230035
PC230042  A crazy musical at Ala Moana - The Christmas Gift of Aloha. Very good! Crowded, crowded, though! PC230044 PC230047 PC230049  One of the characters from Richard Scarry's books!
PC230001 (2) PC230051  Sam loved the musical so much that he did a show for us, too! A Ride on Da Candy Cane Train  Sam's Christmas Show! ATT00388  Shopping together!
PC260003  We went to the Macadamia Nut Farm and I talked to the Samoan chief about my inability to start fire by rubbing two wild hibiscus sticks together at our pre-holiday bonfire... He enjoyed my enthusiastic accounts of how my friend and I are really determined, and I asked for a hibiscus stick of my own. He gave me one, and then I said all I really need now is a machete! PC260004  Chief went to his pickup truck and found a machete for me! I couldn't believe it! Dave took the machete back to the truck for us...see how he's trying to disguise it? Wouldn't you know it - he ran into a lady he knows from work. He was trying to shake hands with his right hand and disguise the machete in his left. I got the giggles watching it and we ended up having to tell them what was going on...poor Dave! Who would have guessed I'd leave with a machete? I have wanted one for about a year now...they are so handy! PC260005  Machete man! PC270006  Sam and two nice elves washed cars!
PC270008 PC290009  Out on the Pillbox hike in Lanikai. Sammy did the entire traverse today all on his own - a big loop of about 3 or 3.5 miles. I was very proud of him! We went to Lanikai Juice afterwards. Dave was home cleaning the garage...yay! PC290010  Stinky cactus flower! PC290011  Butterflies all over the trail today! Tons of them!
PC290012  Strong little hiker. He was tired from playing ball in the yard all morning then going on the hike late in the morning. PC290013  And there's my little friend riding along! This is yet another NEW pack - the Kelty frame carrier did not ride well - it pulled me backwards and my center of gravity was all off. This one feels like the sport model - it is awesome! It's a Kelty Transit 3.0. Love it! PC290015  Tired after the hike :) PC290016  What are you doing, Sam!
PC290018 PC300003  Men at work :) PC300006 PC300013
PC300014  Watching the "ball game" - Sam and PopPop playing soccer. PC300015  Ben wants down! PC300016 PC300018
PC300020  Off on an anniversary date :) PC310023  I keep rotating this but it doesn't "stick" in JAlbum...anyway this is the new shower!!! PC310024  New bathroom remodel!!! The old bathroom was soooo bad we didn't even take a picture during the demo. PC310025  Hi Dave!
IMG 0376  At Honey's at the Ko'olau Golf Club and Presbyterian Church - really great time listening to Hawaiian music. IMG 0379  Huge fish! IMG 0382  This man got up from the audience to hula, then sang! IMG 0383  And she joined him to hula.
IMG 0386 IMG 0388  Ben in the morning :) IMG 0404  And afternoon :0 Sporty guy! IMG 0405  Sam has enjoyed playing soccer with PopPop!
2009-01-05GailAndBillKayak (16)  Kayaking at Kaneohe Bay! Woo hoo! 2009-01-05GailAndBillKayak (17)  We did it! 2009-01-05GailAndBillKayak (3) 2009-01-05GailAndBillKayak (6)
2009-01-05GailAndBillKayak  Perfect landing :) IMG 0410  Last pancake breakfast at Cinnamon's - where else! IMG 0412 IMG 0413