PC100057  Admiral's Barge tour of the USS Arizona - arranged through Dave as active duty service member. He is able to sponsor four people. Matt and Melodie went with me, mom and Dave. PC100060  The museum inside the boathouse. Very good maps. PC100062 PC100063  The memorial with the USS Arizona's remains pictured below. 1177 sailors entombed, plus those who have deceased later and asked to be buried below with their shipmates.
PC100067  On our way around the harbor we got to see the USS Utah and where the USS Nevada ran aground during her desperate attempt to clear the channel. PC100068  Being saluted by SEALS since our boat had a 2-star flag on it. Pretty amazing to see. PC100071  USS Utah memorial, not visited by tours since it's on Ford Island. PC100078  The USS Missouri which was hit in the attack, then repaired and is where the peace was signed after the war. Pretty amazing story.
PC100085 PC100086  The USS Missouri bears watch over the USS Arizona. Her bow is not pointed out of the harbor as all other moored ships would, but pointed toward the Arizona. PC100087 PC100088  Inside the memorial, seven windows on each of three sides signify 21-gun salute.
PC100090  We were here 3 days after the 67th anniversary of the attack. PC100091 PC100092 PC100093  The small tomb to the left is where shipmates who have passed since the sinking are noted.
PC100096  Once a submariner's wife...always a... PC100097 PC100098 PC100100  Thank you, Dave, for taking time off to share this unique experience with all of us.
PC100106 PC100108  On Ford Island - this is a dive tower that was later used as a control tower. Featured in the film Pearl Harbor. Ben Affleck shot for a long time without reloading his gun here! PC100113  A Pearl Harbor survivor at the Pacific Aviation Museum. PC100114  This is truly an amazing museum. I think the first museum I've EVER been interested in raving about! We will buy a membership for Sam. I'm working on a group tour here. This is the little cafe - very good food, and BEER - can you believe it?
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