IMG 0353  Always checking those skies to see what the day holds! IMG 0354  Clear! Time to load up! IMG 0355  New clouds moving in...what weather will we get tonight? IMG 0356  Nice organized garage, thanks to Dave and Bill!
PC310002  New Year's Eve campout begins! PC310003  Happy Campers PC310004  Sam loves to help with the stakes. PC310006
PC310007 PC310010  Napper :) PC310013  Afternoon coffee with new aloha shirt :) PC310019  Friends Anneliese, Caleigh, and their parents (ha ha!) join us :)
PC310021  A little rain never bothers me! PC310022 PC310023  Ben "helping" Dave set up the beds. PC310024
PC310027  He likes the little fan. PC310029 PC310030 PC310031  Jon graciously "honcho-ed" dinner.
PC310033  The new pineapple cutter! Fab! PC310034 PC310035  Sunlight in the afternoon. It's been pretty cloudy lately, so the rays brought warmth and smiles. PC310036  And some sparkles from rain.
PC310038 PC310040 PC310042 PC310043
IMG 0357 PC310045  Birthday cake for Anneliese!!! Nice job, Kathy! PC310046 PC310047  The kids played with glow sticks from Anneliese''s party.
PC310061  Also Anneliese''s 4th birthday! PC310065  Cheers!!! PC310067 PC310071
PC310073  A good way to bring in the New Year. IMG 0358  More cloud checks :) IMG 0359  Olomana through the trees. P1010077  Just stirring...
P1010078 P1010079 P1010080  Camp hair! We had a bit of a wild night - fireworks until 3am or so, only interrupted by lightning and thunder from passing storms with pretty good wind and downpours. The revelers took a break during the storm, only to return with more fireworks! Through all that, though, the kids slept like rocks. Dave and I were tossing and turning, checking for leaks and centipedes... P1010083  The morning smootch tradition continues :)
P1010087 P1010094 P1010095  Coffee! Yeah! P1010098
P1010099  Only Dave Krug would have a camping French press. P1010101  Ben LOVES whispers from Gramma! P1010104  Morning smootches from Daddy! P1010105  And romping with Gramma! They have instruments for a "show"!
P1010107  Rain drops on needles look like snow...just a those of us who really miss snow. P1010111  But the morning brought one of the finest days ever! Happy New Year's Day! P1010114 P1010120
P1010124  Sam got to drive the car! P1010125  Look out for the trees! IMG 0360  Nice shot, Bill! IMG 0361
IMG 0362 IMG 0363  The Mokes. IMG 0364  Another great shot, Bill! IMG 0365
IMG 0366 IMG 0367 P1010128  New Year's Day dinner thanks to mom and Richard! Wow! P1010130  Lamb!
P1010131 P1010132 P1010134  Boys causing trouble! IMG 0368
IMG 0369 IMG 0372