IMGP2031  Dave and Sam watching the Masters. IMGP2032 P4070167 P4070170  These are our friends - from left: Laurie, Brendan (Leo's husband), Leo, Nate (Laurie's husband), Catie (Nate and Laurie's daughter), me and you know who playing with Play-doh. Our little spot was ideal. Just over the hill is the water.
IMGP2037  Lots of Easter basket paraphernalia around :) I enjoyed looking for stuff for the kids. IMGP2039  Sam logrolling while waiting for dinner. P4070177  A helicopter tour circling back to watch us! IMGP2041  Laurie doing a photo shoot!
IMGP2046  Shaka helicopter! P4070179  Setting up the Easter egg hunt. Some had to be easy to find :) P4070180 P4070183  The hunt is on!
IMGP2054  Pete taught Sammy well so he knew right what to do and didn't waste any time getting started. The kids found lots of eggs! IMGP2055 IMGP2056  And the adults found some eggs, too! IMGP2064  The adults hunting for their eggs.
IMGP2066  These NR guys don't miss a thing! IMGP2067  Dave is checking in the never know.... IMGP2071 P4070190  I hid an egg in one of the canoes...
IMGP2073  Nate found 'em! IMGP2077 IMGP2085 IMGP2088
IMGP2090  The guys chilling for a bit. IMGP2092  "I've got an egg on my head! What? Is that not funny to you?!" IMGP2094  They got a big kick out of chasing the football around. IMGP2095  That's Bridget, Leo and Brendan's daughter.
IMGP2096 IMGP2097 IMGP2098 IMGP2099
IMGP2101  Such a perfect evening - beautiful place, great friends, good times. IMGP2105 IMGP2106 IMGP2107
IMGP2110  And that's Miss Greta! IMGP2116  She's entertaining all of us! IMGP2118 IMGP2120
IMGP2124  Brendan was a big hit with Sam - "want mo! want mo!" - spins around, high in the air. IMGP2129  All the daddies were spinning the kids. imgp2050 p4070168
p4070172 p4070189 p4070191  There were so many cameras the kids didn't know where to look! p4070196  Sifting through the eggs in a beautiful spot.
p4070178  Remember B.O.B? Bird on the Beach 2004? We forgot the turkeys after getting all the Thanksgiving trimmings out to the beach intact and over their sternos. This time we forgot the burgers!!! It's a Krug tradition now. IMG00214  A cool dragon out at the beach - mom and Sam found it while we were setting up for our Easter egg hunt bbq. IMGP2137 IMG00218  Off to church! yes, I'm wearing a DRESS! Thought many of you would be happy to see that ;)
IMGP2058 IMGP2093  Dave hosts a football game with the kids... p4070188 Wiakiki 002
shaka brah Uherek Fam on Easter 2007 Wiakiki 003 IMGP2138