sleepover at Gramma's

IMG00112  Sammy got to have a sleepover at Gramma's house! First some beach time. IMG00113  Then a DVD on Old MacDonald. IMG00123 IMG00125  Saying prayers at dinner.
IMG00126  Using a big boy fork! See those little legs under the table? And sitting on a phone book :) IMG00127 IMG00130  He got to choose shower or sink. He chose the sink. He likes to recline for his baff. IMG00131  He even got to sleep in Gramma's bed! So cute and snuggly!
IMG00138  Morning smiles... IMG00139  And romping! IMG00140  Counting how many yogurt-covered pretzels he wants, first thing in the morning! Little snacker! Instead, Gramma made "Sammy's coffee" - Ovaltine milk warmed up. It's a special weekend treat that Daddy makes for him. IMG00144  Watching a car race just for kicks.
IMGP2019  We met up at Kalapawai for breakfast - I sneaked up behind a trash can to take a candid of them. Mom saw only a big tuft of red and thought it was a huge dog hiding behind the trash can. She was ready for anything if the dog tried to get them. Then she saw a camera stick out from behind... IMGP2020  and they both thought how funny that is, a camera and a mommy, hiding behind a trash can. This is Sam's face, looking at me in bewilderment. He warmed up in a few seconds...probably the first of many embarrassing moments for him. Poor kid. :) IMGP2021  We had fun in the water after breakfast, building another kiddie pool in the sand, kayaking and letting Sammy learn how to float with his turtle floatie. 2007-04-01Gamma'sKayak'sNotForDaddy (1)  Dave took my mom's kayak out for a spin. The water was getting some decent swells (not pictured here) and he caught one parallel to the boat, then flipped! He is very big for this tiny kayak. His center of gravity is way too high, and the kayak is very responsive anyway.
2007-04-01Gamma'sKayak'sNotForDaddy  But he got back in really well and paddled back to shore. Then he did another flip for Sam - Dave claims it's easier to get out that way :) heh heh - we'll never know the truth! IMGP2023  This is how mom prefers to get out :)