2007-04-10 Honu and Polynesian Cultural Center

p1010199  My new "detail" pieces, reminiscent of working for Merck and selecting information to share with clinicians. This is a tad more relaxed. We drive about an hour to get here, and are on duty from 9a-noon. Today we went with mom to the Polynesian Cultural Center (about 20 min south) for the afternoon. p1010197  Putting out signage that says not to bother the turtles. p1010206  On "duty" waiting for honu to arrive. p1010207  Turtle tracks made by the flippers as they haul back into the water. This one came up really far!
P1010229  You can't see it here, but there were a lot of surfers out. The wave faces were about 8'-10' - the locals measure from the backside, though, and that was about 4'-5'. Big as far as I'm concerned! P1010230  Sam hauled himself up on the sand just like a turtle! I'm building a sand turtle for the tourists since none of our celebrities showed up until much later in my shift. P1010243  Contrary to the posted signage, we "fed" our turtle - you can see seaweed in his mouth :) P1010247  This is Brutus! That's his satellite transponder (discussed in a previous post) on his carapace. He's about 40 yrs old, and weighs 170lbs. He's the most frequent basker, coming up almost every day.
P1010250 P1010252  What do you think Sammy is drinking? Hint - the straw is white...yum! IMGP2147  He likes to wear his glasses here as well. He says it's an alternative to the forehead that his PopPop (Krug) likes :) IMGP2153  Enjoying the native Hawaiian music. There's video of Sam's performance on the home page!