2007-04-07 10K run

dressing the coach on site  Getting Sammy dressed in his race clothes. He got right out of bed and into the truck, still wearing jammies :) It was early...we left at 5:45am. potties and line  The line to the potties...always long before the start. coach 02  "Coach" drinking "Sammy's coffee" - milk and Ovaltine. It's a special weekend treat. potties and Alli
family before  Getting ready to line up. Sammy is wearing our number on his stroller. coach ankles  Timing chips... runners  Can you even find me waving? We're way in the back, just "below" the green porta potty.
in the mix just after finish  There we are, seconds after crossing the line. Fauz finish  The faux finish! Nice to have a clear shot of us and we come down the chute after crossing the line. Alli finish  Crossing the finish! Probably good you can't see my face. I really emptied my tank on this one - 1 minute off my best time so far. Dave finished just in front of me.
family finish line  Getting water and Powerade. IMG00188  Mom's view while she waited almost an hour for us to run the course. Sam runs  Sammy gets to run a bit now! Guy friends  Dave met up with some guys from work.
IMG00211  Nice run! Dave finished 5 minutes faster than his goal time. This was his first 10K race.