2007-03-27 Glass bottom boat

P3280006  Mom, Sam and I went out on a glass bottom boat trip in Kaneohe Bay with the Armed Services YMCA. This was a fun trip - it was nice to get out on a boat and look through the bottom at the coral and fish. A lady with a background in education did a fantastic job providing some information on geology and marine life at a kid's level. We went out to the side of the boat to feed the fish (above). Yes, lots of sun protection on us, for those of you who have expressed concern! I even brought our own life jacket for Sam :) IMGP1945 IMGP1946 IMGP1954
IMGP1960 P3280010  The view back toward the Ko'olau mountains. P3280016  A plane landing at the Marine Corps base. P3280031  Sam lounges on the top of the boat :)
P3280033  The sand bar out in the middle of the bay attracts lots of visitors. People had a volleyball net up out there, and I've even heard of people camping out there! Better hope the tide stays out for that! P3280042  Sammy! Mommy is in YOUR chair!!! (This was Gramma's idea!) P3280064 P3280043  Mommy chicken and babies. Sammy learned how to cluck and peep while we watched them walk around.
P3280048  A visit to Heeia State Park right next to the pier where we caught the boat trip. P3280056  Lots of mangrove trees down near the water. Tricky footing but neat area. P3280065  Sammy loves to row! He even does a "power 10" and counts with mommy! (I used to call these out when I coxed in college...many many moons ago!)