2007-03-31 sunrise hike

imgp1974  Heading out at 0530 with Diane, Christina and Angel. We mentioned wearing headlamps, so Angel found hers (mine are in long-term storage in WA unfortunately!), and Christina taped a flashlight to her baseball cap! IMGP1981  Ahhh...so peaceful up here. IMGP1983 IMGP1984  Enjoying friendship, a beautiful morning, and a yummy spread of food and coffee.
IMGP1986  My new friend Christina, an artist who sells greeting cards that she draws (available at Global Village in Kailua). IMGP1989  Wow. These are the Mokulua Islands. So beautiful. IMGP1990  the spread :) IMGP1993
IMGP1998 IMGP1999  The sun is up to greet us. IMGP2000 IMGP2003  Diane grew up in one of these homes!
IMGP2004  Maui and Molokai barely visible in the distance. IMGP2007 IMGP2002 (2)  We are blessed.