2007-03-06 Ang visits Hawaii

IMGP1251  All dressed up and waiting to go to the airport to get Ang! IMGP1261 IMGP1263  The official lei ceremony begins :) IMGP1264
IMGP1265  My friend is here!!!! IMGP1268  A visit to the beach before dinner at Buzz's. IMGP1271 IMGP1272  Awesome puffer fish light!
100 5652  We started out Ang's visit to Hawaii with a trip to base for some errands and to see North Beach. Beautiful shot, Ang! IMGP1281 IMGP1284 IMGP1287
IMGP1295 IMGP1305 100 5721  We also went on a hike up our favorite trail, the Pillbox trail. Mom and Pete joined us, as did my friend Diane. 100 5725
100 5731 100 5733  Another nice shot by my botanical-nut friend :) 100 5737  We never tire of seeing the Moks from the trail. IMGP1396  That's mom and Pete waaaayy over there on the trail.
IMGP1398 IMGP1403  Snack time at the summit/turnaround point. Just like old times on the trail :) IMGP1409 IMGP1411
IMGP1412 IMGP1423 100 5747 100 5751
100 5752  Sammy did so well on this hike. He hiked all the way back from the third bunker to the truck (still not sure how far - we have to take our GPS up there). He is always very tired when he's done but did a great job using his own strength to get up the incline. 100 5753  Almost there! 100 5755  Yeah! The crowds go wild! 100 5763  This flower smells so great!
100 5768 100 5778 IMGP1344  I still have mud in my ear from the Swamp Romp, a shower and 4 q-tips later! Ang Alli Sam on bikes
2007-02-26beachcruisingtogrammas  It's a beach cruiser, right? Harder than you might imagine to tool a couple miles down the beach, but it was fun! 2007-02-26windsurferacrobat  I have GOT to learn to kite surf while we're here. IMGP1350  On a run on base... IMGP1353
IMGP1367  Checking out the shells and coral at Hale Koa beach on base. IMGP1355 IMGP1375  A garden we like...we will try to emulate it for our front yard now that we have some palms. IMGP1425
imgp1435  Story time then a nap on the beach. We'd just had plate lunch at Keneke's in Waimanalo. SOOOO good! imgp1439 2007-03-01waimanalowithang (14) imgp1446  Mom's view while Sam napped and Ang and I took a walk up the beach.
2007-03-01waimanalowithangandthisismybigmouth  My big mouth! 2007-03-01waimanalowithangthisismysmallmouth (25)  My small mouth. 2007-03-01waimanalowithang (20) 2007-03-01waimanalowithang (21)
2007-03-01waimanalowithang (22) 2007-03-01waimanalowithang (23) 2007-03-01waimanalowithang (24) imgp1448  A wonderful dinner out at the Kaneohe Yacht Club, thanks to mom and Pete! Sam had a great time running around before dinner!
imgp1451 imgp1454 imgp1461 100 5807  Beautiful palm at the Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens.
100 5804  The mountains all around us are what is left in a crater rim. Hard to believe, but here's a good description. IMGP1472  Twin baby fern! 100 5810  Isn't this awesome? Another great shot, Ang. This flower is pretty neat. 100 5815
100 5820  Feeding the fish was a real hit! 100 5821 100 5825  He found a couple sticks to use on the trail, like trekking poles. IMGP1473
IMGP1476  Whew, hot! 100 5830  I would love to have this for a Christmas tree! Very Seuss-like :) IMGP1485 IMGP1482  Little ranger tells us all about the tree.
IMGP1486 IMGP1489  Learning about a heart shape from Ang. IMGP1495 IMGP1498
IMGP1499 IMGP1506  If you rub this leaf, it will close. Ang taught Sammy how to do it. 100 5834  Cool leaves...we got a little artsy with them. IMGP1508
IMGP1510 IMGP1512 IMGP1513 100 5826
100 5827 100 5829 100 5841 IMGP1516  Grilled pizza and game night with our friends Mike and Angel. Mike and Dave do a little impromptu sweeping (a glass broke).
IMGP1520  Dave won SORRY! again!!!! He has a 3-year winning streak going! IMGP1521  Mike won Clue, though. Good going! IMGP1522  The peanut gallery :) IMGP1523
IMGP1528  Dave's favorite coffee shop at the North Shore. IMGP1534  Then we went to the North Shore to look for turtles at Laniakea beach. Sam got to romp in the water with Daddy! IMGP1535 IMGP1536
IMGP1537 IMGP1538 IMGP1546 IMGP1548
IMGP1555  Big wave!!! IMGP1562  Daddy and son check out the action. IMGP1569  A turtle is coming in! Hurry! IMGP1572  We saw two huge sea turtles! One was 200lb!
IMGP1573 IMGP1577  Here comes one up onto shore! IMGP1578 IMGP1581
IMGP1582 IMGP1584 IMGP1585  And look at all the people who gathered around to see them! I volunteered to be a Hono (Turtle) Guardian for NOAA. Looking forward to it - a way to ensure I get to the beach regularly and also get to help educate the public about these endangered creatures. IMGP1595  This is the 200lb one - bigger than most people have seen at this beach. His name is Woolly Bully. He's about 50 years old.
IMGP1600  Waiting for Matsumoto's shave ice! IMGP1605  Yum! IMGP1606  Kayaking, followed by brunch at the O club on base... IMGP1608  Putting the plugs in. What a helper.
IMGP1610  Ah...can we go now!? IMGP1615  My feet... IMGP1622 IMGP1624  Isn't that color amazing?
IMGP1627  The O club pool. We're members now (strange that an officer has to pay to be a member, but we did... Dad, you will love visiting here!) IMGP1629  Krugs are big dessert chompers. IMGP1653  Coffee at Kalapawai - all our favorite places! Then off to the craft store to get little glass jars for beach treasures to take home. imgp1654 (2)  Plate lunch #3!!!! We love plate lunch...
IMGP1657 IMGP1655  Mac salad, rice and beef. IMGP1660  Little sand microcosms of the beach. We made some keepsakes the night before Ang had to leave.