Windward Nissan really saved my okole

Scott wrangled the bumper off and popped out the dent!

Scott wrangled the bumper off and popped out the dent!

I’ve been driving for 20 years now – entirely without incident – and to celebrate (I guess) I managed to bump into and dent our bumper – on mom’s car! No damage whatsoever to her car, but our bumper had a good sized dent. It’s plastic, so I thought it would pop out, but the screws to get the bumper off were buried and Dave couldn’t get at them the other night. He threatened to take my backing-up privileges away and have me pull forward into the driveway (we have to stow two cars on a tiny patch of driveway while we store mom’s car here). So the boys and I took matters into our own hands yesterday and while running an errand in Kaneohe, decided to stop at the dealership and see what they said about fixing vs replacing. The nice guys ended up staying overtime on a Friday and fixed it – for FREE!!! I am so thankful to Scott, the mechanic (left), and Doug the service advisor (not pictured). I’m writing a letter to the owner of the dealership. I’d always heard not to go to a dealership for maintenance because they charge too much, but after reviewing pricing, I really think they’re competitive and I’ll be taking the truck there from now on. Wow!  Thanks Windward Nissan guys!!!!

Mom asked how they popped it out – I think I saw Scott jumping up and down on it, then he used a heat gun to warm the plastic and reset it so it wouldn’t pop back into a dent. Now we just have a scratch. In my defense, it was a crazy day with a run on base, then to dental appt with two boys in two, then to commissary, home to unpack/eat in 28 min and then back in car to take Caff to vet. I think I was low on blood sugar at the time! We have new backing up rules now – Sam is spotter, and we don’t have music blaring during parking.

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