the hibiscus makes a comeback!


We are so excited to see a plethora of new leaves and even some buds on our hibiscus that we rescued from neighbors who did some landscaping. We cut this ancient tree back about 1/3 (it was 20′ tall!) and planted it with little hope that the small root ball would sustain the plant. It did! Fortunately it’s in a relatively damp section (right by a downspout collecting rainy season water) and protected from wind. The poor plant was such a scraggly remnant of its previous self after we pruned it back that we started calling it the “lobiscus” and wondered if it would make it. New growth gives so much pleasure and soon it will give us some privacy again, too.

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  1. Gramma Oli 28 December, 2007

    You’re not the only one happy — so is the hibiscus!! 🙂

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