Abbey Road!

Abbey Road, anyone? The boys are off to the third and fourth grade talent show!

Abbey Road, anyone? The boys are off to the third and fourth grade talent show!

Sam is solving a Rubik’s cube relay with his principal, Sheryl Belt, assisting in the act. Ben is providing accompaniment on the ukulele. It was a wonderful show and took quite a bit of coordination by the principal to preview all the acts and ensure there was high quality. Sam did a very good job – very business-like, not rattled at all by solving in front of 200 people, and made sure his brother came with him at the right time to arrive at the stage entrance on cue. This was a third and fourth grade show, so some older students were asking Ben what he was doing with an uke, and did he really know how to play it. Well…see for yourself 🙂 It was a great show! (I was soooo relieved it went off ok!)


  1. Marilou/Grammie 15 March, 2014

    Nice to see them in action! Great job to both of them.

  2. Gramma 16 March, 2014

    That video just super-charges me! What a great way you found for the two boys to be mutual support and share in mutual accolades. Great job, Mommy! This is a video to save forever for them, and their kids. My dad and his brother were very similar in their relationship to each other as the Krug boys are, and as the years went by, the normal childhood battlegrounds faded, and the symbiosis survived their entire lives despite 4 years difference (my dad was older), and both working for GE but several states apart, and in the end of their careers there, my uncle, still in WA state, was a subordinate to my dad who was in the LA office. They were able to value their mutual trust, honesty, and expertise. I see that as a future for your two young men, thanks to your careful guidance, and the opportunities they can share even as young boys. Last thought – in their years of raising children, since both were avid photographers, we kids got to see their lives through pictures and hearing their “yarns” over their 66 years as sibs. What a treasure!!!

  3. Allison Krug 16 March, 2014

    Thanks for the nice notes – yes, I LOVE this video! They were both so entertaining, and we heard several comments from people that they were the favorite act! Now they are thinking about next year. 🙂

  4. Nana & Pop Pop 16 March, 2014

    Wonderful act by Sam & Ben!! We truly enjoyed it…..would loved to have been there to see it in person. So proud of you guys….you shared your talents very well! Keep up the good work, boys… and miss you lots!

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