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At the pumpkin patch the last time we saw the sun. Well, no, I exaggerate. I think it came out yesterday. But we get about an inch of rain a day it seems! Summer ended with a BANG!

At the pumpkin patch the last time we saw the sun. Well, no, I exaggerate. I think it came out yesterday. But we get about an inch of rain a day it seems! Summer ended with a BANG!

This is an email I sent to Ben’s teacher the other day:

From: Alli Krug
Sent: Monday, September 30, 2013 8:54 PM

To: Ben’s teacher
Subject: Ben’s tall tales


So I was asking Ben how school was going and a few things about his day. I think he spun some yarns. J  Perhaps a T/F quiz would give you a laugh?

  1. He reads in a reading group with Eli and Deliah (sp?). They “read as fast as mom.”   T    F  ?
  2. All the students do EPGY in the Art Room on Tuesdays, using laptops. He described it all in detail.   T    F  ?
  3. He never uses a slate (white board) for number talks on the rainbow rug.   T    F  ?
  4. He uses XtraMath – there are smiley faces and a teacher.   T    F   ?


I saw her today and in passing she said: “Um, the answer is false to all of the above, but I wasn’t sure if you were for real or not at first!”


In other news, poor Sam has a nasty nasty cold and was home with me today. We had to go to a meeting so he was in a district administrator’s office doing some math games on her computer while I met. She had to disinfect afterwards. Isn’t she gracious? Same office that Ben always went to for meetings with me last year. You can draw right on her wall, and she gives out candy when you leave. She’s awesome. But anyway, say some prayers he feels better soon. Also say one or two for Dave who was up all night last night taking calls and then left at 5am this morning for work. A guy in his office already has the flu. Everyone is asleep right now so I am heading there, too. Mom must stay healthy!!!!


  1. Gramma 4 October, 2013

    Can you get a flu shot or do you have to be a senior? I’m happy to pray for you guys. Those are the two cutest boys on the planet!

  2. Marilou/Grammie 4 October, 2013

    Oh yes, stay healthy! Well, Ben is quite the ‘story teller’ isn’t he? it’s kinda fun now but surely he will learn the real difference very soon.

    Sounds like he is enjoying his school though. Hope Sam is feeling better soon too.


  3. Allison Krug 4 October, 2013

    I got my flu shot yesterday! I get one every year and have never gotten the flu since I started doing that. How’s that for a record? Thankful! The boys get it, too. Flu Mist for them.

  4. Allison Krug 5 October, 2013

    Thank you – Sam is better. Ben is sick now! Just woke up to fever and stomach bug! The reason it is funny to me is because he definitely knows the difference – it’s a definite teaching topic for us and has been since either boy could begin speaking. Trust is paramount. He would not try to spin such a yarn with the intent to deceive. He was just being funny 🙂

  5. Grandpa Pop 7 October, 2013

    Hi Allison, Thanks for settin up yur postngs t fag the into my email, very helpful. No about Ben – not surprising his crativity. Even though Ben’s teacher gave all Fs to your quiz structue (guess where Ben an Sam get their inventiveness ????) did yu get the “truth” of the matter as I am no curious. Prayes and blessings to Dave and you all with lots of love.

  6. Grandpa Pop 7 October, 2013

    Just have to slow down my keyboarding to fix some unfortunate errors above:
    “settin” should be “setting”. “postngs” should be “postings”.”fag” should be “flag”.
    “No” should be “now”. “crativity” should be “creativity”. and I am “now” curius.

  7. Allison Krug 7 October, 2013

    Hi Dad! I would have edited for you but your very kind self-edit was so funny I decided to leave both! No – I am no clearer whatsoever on what goes on for 6 hours a day at school! Ben does have a very good fix on when the recesses are – the first snack/recess is 2 hours after he gets to school, for 10 minutes, the next is lunch recess, which is an hour later, and the last one is 2 hours after that. I think. He is very good at remembering his schedule, which day he has “specialist” (art/PE/music/library) and that sort of thing.

  8. Gramma 7 October, 2013

    hahahaha! That cutie KNOWS! EVERYTHING! 🙂 Including what YOU want to know, and that’s when he toys with you and everyone else, and what’s funny is — he knows YOU know he’s toying with you. There’s no secrets here. 🙂 Love it!

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