So what does it take to get a compliment around here?

I’ve been working on my spiral (football) for months now, and have been throwing for countless hours with the boys. Sam is a good teacher, but there’s no substitute for practice. We went out yesterday to Battle Point Park and brought both footballs. I threw one to Sam and poor guy jammed his finger trying to catch it. The day before I’d nearly knocked the wind out of him with one that hit his sternum. Dave told me I was throwing all wrong. I couldn’t figure it out – they were going right to my target, and spiraling. I thought I was doing great! Dave said “No, throw them up higher, and they should be spinning faster than they are.” I guess I was just drilling them. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody. But don’t you think Dave could have said “My wife’s got a high school quarterback’s arm!”? (That’s if I could keep that kind of speed going for a whole game, and longer than 30 yards!) So now I’m working on throwing well, and not hurting anyone!

Playing around with anything shaped like a domino "stone"! This is at Bay Hay and Feed. These make a nice sound when they topple.


Out at Fish Park in Poulsbo. Dave had not seen all the work they've done there since we moved away. The boys and I managed to "waste" about 20 min at this stump one day while we were waiting to meet up with Dave for dinner one weekend when he was down at work for the day.

Silly guys! They are very big. Ben had his checkup so I can officially report he is 48 inches and 48 pounds. Off the charts on height, 90th percentile on weight. Sam is I don't know how tall, and he can lift me up! My days of rule are over!

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