sam’s first hiking shoes

[photopress:IMGP6465.JPG,thumb,alignleft]sammy got to hike on the trail today in new hiking shoes from tita bear – tommy hilfiger trail shoes! he really liked how he could grip the boulders and that the rocks didn’t hurt his feet like they did with the little leather slip-ons. we had a great day – 60 degrees, sunny and great views…good company, too! here is a movie of lunchtime at the top…hiking shoes


  1. Tita Bear & Tito Pig 19 April, 2006

    Dear Pants –
    you look glorious in your hiking gear! wait till all the girls see how manly and outdoorsy you are!! I really lov your new video too, tito pig and i have watched it about 5 times since we cant get enough of you!! I cant believe i can hear you say mama and dada. Please learn tita bear next!!

    Lov you very much!!

    a thousand kisses to your fat cheeks!

  2. alli 19 April, 2006

    ok – we’ll work on that! he’s got ba ba ba down, how hard can bear be??!! he keeps pulling his hiking shoes out and checking out the soles, pointing to all the little grippy rubber bumps 🙂

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