Sam’s Big Brother Party


We had such a great time with our friends yesterday at the beach park. We had a really impromptu party to celebrate Sam becoming a Big Brother. He looked forward to it all week, helping me plan the menu and games to play. We so blessed to have amazing friends here and the party was fun – just hot dogs, ice cream and cake 🙂 Sam and I got some long floaty noodles and the kids really enjoyed “pirate fun” with those – wailing on each other, doing double blade sword tricks and running with them between their legs like a long tail (kangaroo races). Sam came up with that game 🙂 One of my friends brought four of her seven kids with her – thankfully two were “grown up” boys of double-digit age so they helped roll a plastic ball around to make ice cream out of cream, vanilla and sugar. It was delicious! (You put ice in all around the inner container where the ingredients get mixed, roll for 20 min and voila!). We were all so tired after romping at the park – Sam took a three hour nap before we had to wake him for dinner! Thanks, friends, for being so much fun! Looking forward to that massive group campout 🙂

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