Pond hockey…of a different sort!


The kids are making sweaty hair into Batman horns 🙂

The Zamboni was down today and practice was cancelled. Bummer! What to do? Roller hockey, of course! We invited hardy souls who didn’t mind the cold and rain to come join us at the school where there is a nice covered area with cement flooring. Down side? The soccer club had already arrived and was not interested in cooperating on a sharing arrangement. He eventually allowed us to use some of the space while the team warmed up, but then we had to move on to a covered walkway, and a spot outside the cafeteria – walled with glass and surveilled by a video camera. Not ideal conditions for passing a hockey puck! But, we persisted – the kids had a lot of fun anyway, and the conditions were so ridiculous it was funny. I recorded a few video greetings for the hockey director and coach – they’re not having much fun with a sick Zamboni and kids bummed to miss practice. The soccer coach finally relented and left 15 min early, so after 90 min of waiting, we got a chance to play hockey for about 45 min. We ended up coming home about the same time we would have come home from Bremerton, which is normally about 4 hours out of the house. I was tucking the kids in bed and couldn’t figure out why Ben smelled sour. So I thought. I’d just done sheets, and he’d just showered. I had Dave sniff him all over and he didn’t smell anything. I kept sniffing around and finally figured out it was MY HANDS! What the crap? Was it my wild yeast starter? I did bake bread today. (Yes – the yeasts are alive again! Check out the picture of the bread – they are now revived after months of neglect. I had to build the colony back up slowly with many many feedings. I’m so excited to see they’re working again!) OK – want to know what the smell was? Can you guess? Hockey-related. I was playing with the boys, which means I had…GLOVES on. The hockey stink persisted despite washing my hands AND cleaning up after dinner. Unreal! Enjoy these clips!

My bread!!!!

My bread!!!!


We all had a great time!

We all had a great time!

After our game - very sweaty despite it being cold out.

After our game – very sweaty despite it being cold out.


  1. Gramma 19 January, 2016

    Lots going through my mind — that bread shape reminds me of a geoduck!! See any resemblance? I’m thrilled the yeast are alive again — it HAS been a long haul!! Love the hockey pictures and hand story. I can easily visualize the sniff test that went on!!!! You have such a penchant for finding the uplift in the midst of a downdraft. Congratulations! It’s a fantastic gift for all the boys to see and experience. Love you lots!

  2. pops 20 January, 2016

    Toooo much ????
    Love you guys muchly

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